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The Jerilderie Letter: Unit of work

This unit of work has been written to support the text The Jerilderie Letter by Ned Kelly. In the letter Kelly tries to justify his actions, including the murder of three policemen in 1878 at Stringybark Creek. This unit provides practical teaching ideas, an assessment task and an essay by Germaine Greer.


Midnite: Unit of work

This unit of work has been written to support the novel Midnite which is a good-humoured history of the exploits of bushranger Captain Midnite and his five good animal friends. This unit provides practical teaching ideas and an assessment task.


Sidney Nolan: 'Ned Kelly', 1946

This web page focuses on Sidney Nolan's famous Ned Kelly series of paintings held by the National Gallery of Australia including links to a gallery of enlargeable images, a primary education resource and a lesson plan with interactive resource for Years 5 and 6. The webpage also includes a video with audio commentary about ...


Ned Kelly

This is a website about Ned Kelly. It explores: his early life, family, the Kelly gang, his armour, his time as a bushranger, the siege at Glenrowan, his capture and the day before he was hung. The resource is presented in three sections: Introductory information; Story Objects; and Story Education Resources. There are ...


William Buckley

This is a website about William Buckley, an infamous convict that arrived in Victoria from England in 1803 and escaped European settlement. The resource presents: Buckley’s life after he escaped from settlement: details of the 32 years he spent with the Wathaurang people: and depicts his meeting with the colonising party, ...


'Attacking the mail, bushranging, NSW 1864'

This is a coloured print, measuring 19.8 cm x 25 cm, painted by the famous colonial artist Samuel Thomas Gill (1818-80) and published in 'The Australian Sketchbook'. It shows three masked bushrangers holding up the Royal Mail coach with shotguns and muskets. Their horses are hidden in nearby shrubs. The Mail is shown crowded ...


'Death of Ben Hall', painted in 1894

This is an oil painting, measuring 137.6 cm x 182.7 cm, by Patrick William Marony, depicting the death of the bushranger Ben Hall (1837-65) near Forbes, New South Wales. Hall sprawls in the foreground, his revolver on the ground in front of him and his rifle leaning against a tree. Behind him, across a broad clearing in ...


Steven Heathcote recalls portraying Ned Kelly, 2005

This is an edited sound recording of leading Australian ballet dancer Steven Heathcote. He is recalling dancing the role of the bushranger Ned Kelly in the Australian Ballet's 1990 production of 'My name is Edward Kelly'. He outlines the mixed public perceptions of the character and the emotional challenges of the role. ...