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'Australian exploration, an expedition on the march', 1874

This is a black-and-white print that depicts the ill-fated expedition, led by explorer Peter Egerton Warburton, which attempted to cross central Australia in 1873. The print shows expedition members astride camels with Warburton in the lead and an Aboriginal guide on foot in the desert. The print, which measures 35.5 cm ...


Camels in Coolgardie, 1890s

This is a photograph, an albumen print measuring 13.6 cm x 20.1 cm, taken in the 1890s and showing three camels sitting outside commercial premises in Bayley Street, Coolgardie, Western Australia. The camels are not tethered or harnessed in any way. With the exception of a woman who appears to be patting a camel, all the ...


Loading camels, early 20th century

This is a sepia-toned photograph measuring 10.3 cm x 5.0 cm, taken in outback Australia in the early 20th century, probably by John Flynn (1880-1951). The photograph shows three men, one of whom is an Afghan cameleer, loading a camel with two wool bales. A camel already loaded stands in the foreground with other camels ...