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Transporting cream on horseback at Dorrigo Plateau, c1911

This photographic negative shows two men on horseback transporting tins of cream. It was taken in the Dorrigo area of New South Wales by Kerry and Co between 1905 and 1917. The men and horses are on a dirt track surrounded by bushes, tall stands of trees and birdsnest ferns. The caption, studio number and studio mark are ...

Moving Image

Grass-fed beef or grain-fed beef?

Do you know the different ways that grass fed beef and grain fed beef are produced? Discover the resources that each method uses. View this clip created by young reporters from Circular Head Christian School, Tasmania. The clip was developed as part of the ABC Splash Live 'Making the news!' project, which featured local ...


Judging cattle at Korumburra in 1921

This is an excerpt from a six-minute silent documentary dating from 1921 and entitled 'Korumburra, South Gippsland, Vic'. It begins with the intertitle 'Judging the Ayrshires.' It then shows men walking Ayrshire dairy cattle past judges in a field at an agricultural show. The prize-winning cow is seen at the end of the excerpt.


Dairy student, Colombo Plan, 1968

This is a black-and-white photograph of two men at a mechanised feeding trough with three calves. The image is titled, 'Mohammed Daub bin K Otham (Malaysian Colombo Plan student) learns to handle modern calf-feeding equipment under direction of Mr Neville Hanke'. The student looks on as Mr Hanke manoeuvres a calf into position ...


Beef cattle industry, 1932

This is a short excerpt from a silent black-and-white documentary entitled 'The beef cattle industry' and filmed in 1932. The first sequence shows scenes of white and Indigenous Australian stockmen herding cattle and unloading their horses in front of a partially built store shelter. The following sequence begins with the ...


EnviroNorth: grazing in the tropical savannas

This is a multilayered website about cattle grazing in Australia's tropical savannas. It has a particular focus on the economic and sustainability aspects of the cattle industry. The five different sections of the resource provide detailed information about grazing in the tropical savannas; the industry outlook; the slaughter, ...

Moving Image

Drought: graziers turn to droving

Queensland cattle country encounters extremes of climate:extensive floods and prolonged drought. With his station in the grip of drought and in a bid to save his herd from starvation, one grazier has resorted to a more traditional approach. Watch as he prepares to drove his herd along a stock route in search of greener pastures.


Aboriginal stockmen and the pastoral industry

This is a collection of ten digital curriculum resources focusing on the contribution of Aboriginal stockmen to the Australian cattle industry, particularly in northern Australia. It is grouped into three categories: working on cattle stations; occasional work as guides; and striking for better pay and conditions. The collection ...


The Korumburra Show in 1921

This is an excerpt from a six-minute silent documentary dating from 1921 and entitled 'Korumburra, South Gippsland, Vic'. It begins with two intertitles: 'The Korumburra Show.' and 'A Panorama of the Grounds.' It then depicts the show ring, surrounded by crowds of spectators. Men are leading horses and cattle around the show ring.


A Geraldton homestead in 1929

This is an excerpt from a 6-minute silent documentary entitled 'The new nor' west', filmed in 1929. The opening intertitle reads 'A stately homestead nestling benignly on the bosom of this fertile domain'. The first scene shows two women and three men in the grounds of the Newmarracarra homestead near Geraldton, Western ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. I', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.8 cm x 24.4 cm showing gently undulating grassland and narrow bands of trees. A group of cows is being herded by a mounted man to a lower area behind a hill, possibly towards a small group of huts that can be glimpsed in the middle ground. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. II', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16 cm x 24.5 cm showing the Victorian squatting runs Challicum and Yalla-y-poora from a south-south-westerly viewpoint. In the midground is the yellow grassland of the Fiery Creek plains, gum trees dot the countryside and the distant bluish mountain is Mount Weejort. Two emus are shown in ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. III', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16 cm x 24.5 cm showing the Victorian squatting run Challicum, from a south-westerly viewpoint. A team of four bullocks, pulling a single-axle wagon loaded with fuel and rough bush timber, is centred in front of a large forest. Two unidentified mountains or hills are on the horizon. The artist, ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. IV', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.9 cm x 24.3 cm showing yellowed pasture backed by gum trees. A herd of cows with calves is grazing both in the foreground fields and the background timber. A small hill, part of the Challicum Hills, rises from the trees on the right. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting as ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. V', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 16.6 cm x 25.7 cm showing a mounted man, possibly the squatter Harry Thomson. Two dogs run behind him as he rides along a meandering trail left by wagon wheels. Forests stretch away behind and native gums dot the Challicum Hills which rise out of the forest treetops. The artist, Duncan Cooper, ...


'Panorama of Challicum, No. VII', c1850

This is a watercolour measuring 15.7 cm x 24.4 cm, showing a mounted man herding a small group of cows past scattered native bush and trees, beneath the backdrop of the Mount Cole ranges. The artist, Duncan Cooper, included this painting as the fifteenth watercolour in his field sketchbook and inscribed the title 'Panorama ...


Preparing dinner at a cattle station, 1956

This is a black-and-white photograph of three women preparing a meal inside a 1950s rural kitchen. The image is titled, 'Preparing dinner in the kitchen of 'Mayfield', 160,000 acre sheep and cattle property in western Queensland'. The women are serving food and hot drinks on a central kitchen table.


'Jeremiah Ware's stock on Minjah Station', 1856

This is an 1856 oil painting (74.5 cm x 100.5 cm) by Robert Dowling (1827-86) of a pastoral property in the Western District of Victoria in the mid-19th century. Most of the composition is taken up with cleared land, on which a herd of contented cattle can be seen either with their heads down, feeding on the lush grass, ...


Interview from the Drovers Oral History Project, 2000

This is a sound recording from the Drovers Oral History Project, recorded during the Drovers' Camp Festival in July 2000, in which Wayne McCulloch (1950- ) recalls his days as a head stockman in northern Australia. From the point of view of a head stockman with 40 years' experience, he talks about establishing discipline ...


Road train, c1971

This is road train from the 1970s. It consists of a Kenwood prime mover and two trailers, each of which measures 12.7 m x 2.6 m x 4.4 m. The ten-wheeled prime mover has a large white bull bar with white front flaps that advertise 'CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicles) Regency Park (08) 82684422'. The cabin of the prime mover ...