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Moving Image

Kakadu history in rock art

Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory is transformed each year by the monsoonal rains, but how did ancient sea level changes alter the landscape? Thousands of Aboriginal rock art sites across Kakadu tell the stories of this ancient, sacred land. Visit some of them to discover more about this place and its people.


Out of Darkness, 1984: Bark burials

This clip shows that Aboriginal artistic traditions have an important place in the burial of the dead. In the clip, Grahame Walsh says that the central Queensland sandstone belt is well known for its mortuary culture. Walsh describes a burial process in the Carnarvon region in which skeletal remains were wrapped in a bark ...


Message Stick - Scotty Martin, 2005: Wandjina

This clip shows Nyalgodi Scotty Martin, an Indigenous songman, providing an explanation of rock art depicting Wandjina in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The camera pans across the rock face to show the figures and images depicted in red ochre pigments. Martin points out the images and explains their significance ...