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Interactive resource

Trig radians: introduction

Use radians to measure angles. Identify key angles in their radian form, for example π/6=30°. Convert angles in degrees (up to 360) to angles in radians. Solve measurement problems using angles in radians. Determine arc lengths using radians. This learning object is one in a series of seven objects. Three objects in the ...


Richmond Carnival in Aid of Blind Soldiers, May 1918

This black-and-white clip from a silent newsreel of May 1918 shows crowds, performers and recreation facilities at an outdoor community carnival in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, held to raise money for blind soldiers during the First World War. Still and panning shots show people in the crowd staring self-consciously ...


Entertaining the troops, 1943 - asset 4

This is a clip taken from a segment in a 1943 episode of Cinesound Review, a black-and-white newsreel with soundtrack. It shows a ten-member jazz band on a stage at an unidentified location. One of the musicians walks up to the microphone to sing a version of 'You're driving me crazy'. He sings questions and other members ...


Behind the Big Top, 1949: Inside the sawdust arena

This black-and-white clip shows a parade of performers and animals entering the 'big top' at the beginning of a Wirth Brothers Circus show, followed by various circus acts. Included are performing elephants, a female lion tamer, antics from the clowns, professional bareback riding and a young boy from the audience attempting ...