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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Industries  >  Primary industry  >  Agriculture  >  Crops  >  Coffee

Scooping coffee beans into an industrial grinder, 1950-60

This is a black-and-white image depicting a male employee scooping coffee beans from a sack into a large industrial grinder at a factory. The photograph is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial photographs at Museum Victoria. Its dimensions are: width, 10.3 cm x height, 10 cm.


Tea Stores halfpenny token, 1852

This is a round halfpenny copper token dating from 1852. On the left side, in the background, is a depiction of a building that appears to be a shop, with the text 'TEA STORES / STEAM COFFEE MILLS' imprinted on it. In the foreground, in front of this building, is a depiction of a large brick building with the number 424 ...


A migrant woman from Italy, 1984

This is a black-and-white photograph of an Italian migrant woman working at an unidentified nursery or garden centre in Western Australia in 1984. She is smiling and carrying two large bushes in pots, and is surrounded by a number of tall, established plants.

Interactive resource

Types of matter: compounds and mixtures

Select samples from an outdoor setting. Magnify the substances to atomic level so that the particles they consist of can be seen. Sort the substances into groups based on how many types of molecules they contain. Classify the substances as pure compounds or mixtures. For example, classify water as a pure compound and coffee ...

Teacher resource

Birds and coffee

This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and student activities that support an investigation into the impact of different coffee production methods on biodiversity and, in particular, on migratory birds. The resource has seven tabs, six of which are relevant. The first four tabs set out the suggested ...


Choice: drinks

This is a web page providing reviews of beverages, the results of a taste test of different coffee products, a comparison between supermarket brand milks and branded products and an investigation of drink bottle recycling. It covers bottled water, milk, coffee capsules, smoothies and frappes, coconut water, milk alternatives ...

Moving Image

Coffee spill

When you walk with a glass or a cup filled with liquid, do you find yourself spilling some of the liquid? Some scientists have studied why this happens and how best to avoid it.