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'Your house and mine', 1954 - asset 8

This is a clip taken from a 22-minute colour documentary made in Melbourne, Victoria in 1954 titled 'Your House and Mine'. A voice-over in a poetic form describes 'the way we built our homes' as music plays in the background. Some features of Victorian-era architecture are mentioned. There are brief references to Victoria's ...


Dr Victor Chang's artificial heart valve, 1991

This enlarged colour photograph shows the artificial heart valve pioneered by Dr Victor Chang (Yam Him). Known as the St Vincent's Heart Valve, it is seen from the front and shows a pivoting disc surrounded by a thin metal exterior. It is held between gloved fingertips in front of what appears to be a diagnostic computerised ...

Teacher resource

Using 'Multiplying and dividing with arrays' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea includes a teacher’s reflection on teaching R11453 'Multiplying and dividing with arrays - unit of work' with her mixed ability class. The unit explores the concepts of multiplication and division, integrating digital and non-digital resources, and offers students a range of visual, written and mental ...


Land Mines - A Love Story, 2004: No more pretty shoes

This clip shows Afghan couple Shah and Habiba, who both lost limbs as a result of treading on landmines. Shah describes how during the war in Afghanistan between the Mujaheddin and the Soviet Union, when both sides used landmines, he planted the devices. Habiba says she wants a pair of pretty shoes but has to make do with ...