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Slaves exposed for sale

This is a black-and-white engraving showing a group of near-naked African men, women and children next to a smaller group of European men who appear to be discussing them, perhaps negotiating their sale. One African man is depicted with a chain around his neck, which bears a name or number on a metal plate. The scene appears ...


Consumer guide to greenhouse impacts

How does your lifestyle contribute to adding greenhouse gases to the atmosphere? Watch this clip to find out which of your everyday activities creates the most carbon dioxide pollution. Is it watching television, travelling to school or eating breakfast? Find out what you can do to reduce your personal carbon footprint ...


'The parting - "Buy us too"', 1863

This is a colour lithographic card showing a shackled slave being taken away by his new owner as his wife and child beg to be bought as well so the family would not be separated. The owner gestures them away with his whip. The card was the fourth in a collectable series of 12 album cards entitled 'The slave in 1863. A thrilling ...


'Cabins where slaves were raised for market', c1903

This is a photographic image produced from one half of a stereographic card showing five former slave cabins on the Hermitage plantation on the Savannah River in Georgia, USA. Nine African Americans are shown outside the brick cabins. They are believed to be former slaves or the descendants of slaves on the plantation. ...


Rise and fall of the Canton trade system I: China in the world, 1700-1860s

This is a collection of online materials about how trade between China and the West was systematically organised and carried out at three designated sites - Macau, Canton and Hong Kong. The vehicle for this collection is part one of a three-part illustrated essay about the rise and fall of the 'Canton trade system'. Connected ...



This unit of work focuses on the Angkor / Khymer Empire depth study in the year 8 History curriculum. It provides teachers with a contextual overview and a series of learning sequences and PDF resources to assist them in the delivery and assesment of the topic. It also links to a range of sources and draws on digital mapping ...


Fish market

Buy and sell fish in trading markets in a range of Australian and New Zealand cities. Compare market prices, supply and demand. Get to know other traders to find the best deals and discover new markets. Find a rare fish. Maximise your profit and reputation as a smart trader. This learning object is the last in a series ...