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Phar Lap's certificate of registration, 1928

This certificate was issued to owner David Davis in Sydney on 3 December 1928 to register Phar Lap as a racehorse. It proclaims: 'This is to Certify that the following particulars have been duly Registered for the Racehorse name PHAR LAP. Color and Sex Chestnut Gelding. Age 2 years. Brands and Distinguishing Marks (in full) ...

Teacher resource

MoneySmart: money management kit

This is a kit about financial and consumer literacy for use by those who work with people with English as an additional language of dialect (EALD) recently arrived in Australia. It contains detailed programs of adult instruction, factsheets, audio stories, and videos for 10 topics: household budgets, saving money, paying ...

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Poorest Indonesians help feed a nation

Indonesian farmers, some of whom are the poorest in the nation, are changing the way they do things to increase production. Watch this clip to find out how Indonesia's farming practices and trade rules have changed and how these things have affected its local farmers and trade partners.

Interactive resource

Safe or sorry: insurance

Buy a car and insure it on a budget of $12,000. Gather information before making your final choices about type of car, any modifications, and car insurance with options including excess and replacement policies. Discover the consequences of your choices when an unexpected event happens. Test your understanding of car insurance, ...


Idiot Box, 1996: 'The young and the bloody useless'

This clip shows Mick (Jeremy Sims) talking to Lani (Robyn Loau), who works in a bottle shop, about poetry. After Mick leaves the bottle shop, Lani's brother appears and asks who Mick is. The clip then shows two police detectives (Graeme Blundell and Deborah Kennedy) in a suburban bank where it is believed a robbery may ...


Life Savers, Cryst-O-Mint Flavour, 1925: Lifesaving

This clip shows a silent black-and-white cinema advertisement for Life Saver sweets. It opens with a shot of a poster advertising Life Savers. The remainder of the poorly conserved footage comprises the narrative of a rescue from the water of a woman who has feigned drowning in order to attract the attention of a male lifesaver. ...

Interactive resource

Car safety check: before buying

Look at potential hazards in car equipment. Identify features that should be inspected before buying a regular car, modified car or four wheel drive vehicle. Look out for things such as rust, crash damage and proof of ownership. This learning object is one in a series of two objects.

Teacher resource

MoneySmart teaching

This is a website from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission that provides up-to-date content and support in consumer and financial literacy for Australian educators. The website provides access to professional and personal learning programs, as well as resources for teaching and learning including units ...

Teacher resource

Consumer and financial literacy professional learning module for teachers

This professional learning module provides up-to-date content and support in consumer and financial literacy for educators working within Australian primary and secondary schools. Part 1 presents information about consumer and financial literacy in the education landscape. Part 2 provides examples of how schools are incorporating ...

Teacher resource

Where are clothes manufactured?

This learning activity consists of a series of online resources supporting students to engage, explore and reflect on the ways people work and how businesses use outsourced labour to manufacture clothing and shoes in the economies of Asia. Students analyse data and information to identify why Australian businesses outsource ...

Interactive Resource

MoneySmart: consumer rights - mobile phones

This is a role-play activity about making choices to buy a mobile phone and seek consumer redress when the phone fails to meet stated expectations. The character's first independent choice is the colour of the phone. Then she is given choices about what to do when the phone in the box is the wrong colour and when she can't ...

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MoneySmart: teens and consumer issues

This is a video in which secondary students recount their experiences with mobile phones. They explain why they chose a contract or a prepaid plan for their phone and the advantages and disadvantages of each; describe how they accrued excess charges by downloading too much data, or didn't get full value from their prepaid ...

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MoneySmart: classroom resources

This is a collection of seven videos about financial and consumer issues that affect young people. Five of the videos show young people dealing with the mistakes they have made in maxing out their credit cards, buying a car, moving out of home, taking their first job, or shopping online. The secondary school simulation ...

Teacher resource

Australian inventions timeline

This is a resource that uses the topic of Australian inventions and innovations to explore trade marks, patents and registered design. The resource includes learning activities that examine significant Australian inventions and innovations, the impact that these inventions and innovations have had on the development of ...

Teacher resource

Did Thomas Edison steal the idea for electric light globes?

This is a resource that uses the topic of the invention of the electric light globe, to explore intellectual property, in particular patents. The resource has a focus on the historical story behind the invention and questions if Thomas Edison was the true inventor. Topics explored include: how the electric light globe works; ...

Teacher resource

How vital is a trade mark in marketing?

This is a resource about the importance of trade marks in marketing. The resource examines: key marketing principles used to influence consumers including: the four P’s of marketing – Product, Price, Presentation and Place; what is a trade mark; trade names; and marketing strategies that use trade marks. The resource includes ...

Teacher resource

Investigating air

This is a resource that uses the topic of air to explore intellectual property, in particular patents. The resource includes: exploration into the properties of air; opportunity to devise and carry out experiments involving air; and the ability to claim mock credit for a discovery or invention by taking out a pretend patent. ...

Teacher resource

IP in everyday life

This is an interactive resource about products that exist in everyday life that have protected intellectual property. The resource is presented as a timeline of one day, beginning at breakfast in the morning through until night. Interactive images appear as the mouse scrolls across the timeline. These images are linked ...

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Prawn Farming

This is a short clip in which Gold Coast prawn farner, Nick Moore, describes the prawn farming industry, the business he manages, and the high standards of the Australian industry. Nick, explains why this business is more like agricultural farming than fishing and how his qualifications and experience more closely match ...