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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Ecosystems  >  Biogeochemical cycles  >  Nutrient cycles  >  Organic matter  >  Compost
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Soil: healthy dirt makes healthy plants

Have you ever taken a close look at the ground you walk on? Explore the hidden world of soil, a 'life-support system' for plants. Find out what soil is made of and what lives within it. Discover how and why you should improve your soil.


The New Inventors - Series 1 Episode 8, 2004: Modern alchemy

This clip shows a segment from the television series 'The New Inventors' featuring an inventor, John Walker, who describes two of his inventions - the TumbleTainer and the VermiTainer, which together turn landfill into compost. The clip shows the TumbleTainer (a very large container that is rotated mechanically), a bio-filter ...


Redworm on soil

This is a colour photograph of a redworm or tiger worm ('Eisenia foetida') lying on the soil surface. The worm is reddish brown with prominent darker bands on the body. There is a white girdle-like structure towards one end of the body. The worm does not have a clearly defined head or tail.


Recycling bin, Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games

This is a recycling bin that was designed for use at Olympic venues throughout the Sydney 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games. The bin is made from black plastic, laminated chipboard and metal, and has a maroon-coloured lid. A matching maroon sticker on the top of the bin reads 'Food / Paper' in white text, and shows a symbol ...

Interactive Resource

Environmental intelligence unit

This is an interactive web-based game aimed at teaching concepts of sustainability and environmentalism. An introductory video outlines problems resulting from rising rates of pollution. The game consists of four missions that require students to make choices about reducing, reusing and recycling to discover the missing ...

Interactive Resource

Worm world: app for iPad

This is an iPad app of an animated worm composting system containing worms that must be fed appropriate food items in order to produce fertiliser to grow food and earn treats. The soil moisture and acidity levels must be managed and if the wrong food items get through, rodents may appear. This app includes sound that may ...

Moving Image

Vegetables Victoria: soil health

This video of 6.5 minutes includes interviews with vegetable growers who have been in the industry for a long time, talking about the development of fertiliser practices from collecting manures and spreading them by hand to the use of chemical fertilisers. The farmers talk about the extra benefits of manures for soil health ...