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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Geometry  >  Solids (Geometry)  >  Cones (Solids)

Volume of a cone

In this learning object the relationship between the volume of a cylinder and cone is illustrated. Problems with animated worked solutions are included as are practice questions and answers for students.


Fountain parabolas - mathematics activities

The trajectory of the water from the Captain Cook Memorial Fountain in Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, provides a good approximation to a parabola. By having students examine other fountains, different 'shapes' can be detected. The mathematical demands increase accordingly. Teachers are encouraged to scan all the ideas suggested ...

Teacher resource

Delivering water

This is a mathematics unit of work about water: its world-wide availability and use; the time spent carrying it; the best shape for water tanks; and the area of land taken up around tanks and in paths and ditches to water sources. Intended for years 9 and 10 and written from a global education perspective, the resource ...


Volume of a Pyramid and a Cone

This resource is a web page containing an investigative task to explore volume. Derive the formulae for the volumes of a square-based pyramid and a cone, using mathematical concepts. A printable resource is also available to support the task. This resource is an activity from the NRICH website.