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Mr Perlman and Mr and Mrs Ribush outside Bush's Confectionery Factory, Richmond, c1935

This is a digital copy of a black-and-white photograph showing Mr Perlman and Mr and Mrs Ribush outside the Bush's confectionery factory in Richmond, in about 1935.


Men outside Bush's confectionery factory in Richmond, c1935

This is a black-and-white photograph of Mr Perlman and Mr Ribush with two unknown gentlemen standing outside Bush's confectionery factory in Richmond, an inner-Melbourne suburb. Perlman, on the left, and Ribush, on the right, owned the confectionery factory.


Staff of Bush's confectionery factory in Richmond, c1935

This black-and-white photograph features the staff of Bush's confectionery factory at 127 Murphy Street in Richmond, in about 1935. The photograph was collected as part of Museum Victoria's Melbourne's Biggest Family Album project in 2006.


Black Magic Chocolates advertising sign, c1950

This is a Black Magic Chocolates advertising sign on a painted wooden board, once displayed at the Old Lolly Shop, Carlton North. The heads of a smiling man and woman, linked by pink roses, are featured in the centre. Above and below them are written the words: 'We know that / BLACK MAGIC Chocoates / ARE THE BEST!' The ...

Interactive resource

What the world is made of: changes of state

Explore how substances can change between the three phases of matter: solids, liquids and gases. Look at what happens when water and chocolate change state through a physical process such as melting or freezing. Compare the heat flow in melting and freezing. This learning object is one in a series of six objects. The series ...


Cairns, north Queensland, c1910

This is an image of the port area of Cairns, Queensland, about 1910. In the foreground, four men, two with hand trolleys, work on a wharf near stacked sacks of goods, empty sacks and barrels. The town waterfront area, an esplanade, one- and two-storey buildings, palm trees, mangroves, a pier and a beached rowboat are shown ...


Kimberley Cops, 2001: Aboriginal trackers

This clip shows Western Australian policeman Constable Charlie Marks working with Indigenous trackers in the Kimberley region. Speaking with one of the trackers, Marks expresses his concern about the extreme heat and about the terrain, which he thinks may make it too difficult to continue the search for an injured man who ...


Life Savers, Cryst-O-Mint Flavour, 1925: Lifesaving

This clip shows a silent black-and-white cinema advertisement for Life Saver sweets. It opens with a shot of a poster advertising Life Savers. The remainder of the poorly conserved footage comprises the narrative of a rescue from the water of a woman who has feigned drowning in order to attract the attention of a male lifesaver. ...


Life Savers, Cryst-O-Mint Flavour, 1925: Factory visit

This clip shows part of a silent black-and-white advertisement for Life Saver sweets. The clip opens with Williams and Betty entering her father's 'Mint Products Company' building in New York City. Their story is punctuated by cuts back to Cudgy, Betty's unrequited lover, letting down the tyres of Williams's sports car. ...


A Visit to Ernest Hillier's Factory, c1926: Chocolate packing department

This black-and-white clip, part of a silent promotional film for the Ernest Hillier confectionary company, shows employees at work in the packing room at the factory. Two men in a supervisory role move away and women stand in lines selecting individual chocolates and putting them into boxes. An intertitle introduces footage ...


Young girls at the Brisbane Exhibition, 1946

This 1946 black-and-white photograph shows two girls at the Royal Queensland Show, also known as the Exhibition or 'Ekka'. The girls have their hair in ringlets and are well dressed in matching dresses and berets. Their faces are partially hidden by the fairy floss they are eating and each holds a sample bag or show bag ...

Teacher resource

What would Halloween be like without the Ecuadorian rainforest?

This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and student activities that support an investigation of environmental issues related to food production and transportation, with a focus on chocolate production and cacao farming in Ecuador. The resource has eight tabs, seven of which are relevant. The ...

Teacher resource

Why does the cacao tree need a tropical rainforest to grow?

This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and student activities that support an investigation of the requirements for the survival of plants, focusing on cacao plants, the growing conditions of the biomes and bioregions in which they thrive, and how these can be affected by human activity. The ...

Moving Image

Bruny Island Providore

This is a short clip in which the business owner of a Tasmanian fudge company describes the establishment and development of his confectionery business. Business owner, Michael, explains the production model behind his successful enterprise including the business location, the local sourcing of raw materials, and a world’s-first ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See – ethics and the chocolate business

One page resource that addresses NSW Stage 6 Business Studies syllabus outcomes. It looks at aspects of operations and corporate social responsibility using the chocolate industry as a focus.

Interactive Resource

Sites2See – the chocolate supply chain

Online resources about supply chain management in chocolate production. Includes influences such as globalisation, technology and government policies and examines operations processes including inputs, transformation processes and outputs.