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Debney Meadows Primary School ethnographic study in the Australian Children's Folklore archive, 1984

This is a booklet called 'Play and Friendships in a Multi-cultural Playground' lying on top of handwritten observations. The observations have been dated, and are on lined white writing-pad pages. The booklet is the result of a project called Play and Friendships in a Multi-cultural Playground (an ethnographic study of ...


Discussion paper - 'Towards a fairer immigration system for Australia', 1992

This is the cover of a 55-page paper titled 'Towards a fairer immigration system for Australia'. It states that the current immigration system is unfair to some groups and discusses how to guarantee fair access to Australia's immigration system. The paper was prepared by Andrew Theophanous and published in 1992. It now ...


Review of the 1948 Australian Citizenship Act, 1982

This ten-page booklet titled 'The Australian Citizenship Act 1948' is a review of the Act by the Australian Human Rights Commission. It was published in 1982, and its dimensions are 24.80 cm x 17.50 cm.


Published address - 'Integration - a task for all Australians', 1973

This is the cover of a 12-page booklet titled 'Integration - a task for all Australians', published in 1973. The content was delivered as an address by R E Armstrong, the secretary of the Department of Immigration, to the annual general meeting of the Good Neighbour Council of South Australia on 28 May 1973. The booklet's ...

Moving Image

Thai Di's wild kitchen

Have you ever tasted Thai food? Ngamjit Anontaphan, or Thai Di to her friends, cooks Thai cuisine with Australian ingredients. She was born in Thailand but now lives in the Kimberley in Western Australia. Based on what she says in this video, what are some of the similarities between Australia and Thailand that may have ...


Depicting Australia's cultural diversity

This is a collection of digital curriculum resources focusing on how Australia’s cultural diversity was depicted at various times in the 20th and 21st centuries. The collection is organised into four categories - depictions in the 1950s and before; the 1960s and 70s; the 1980s and 90s; and the 21st century. It includes ...


Fruit and vegetable warehouse, 1988

This is a 20.3 cm x 25.4 cm selenium-toned silver gelatin photograph, taken in 1988, of two men identified as Charlie Starvaggi and Paul Poon in a fruit and vegetable warehouse. Boxes of fruit are stacked against the wall. A half-closed roller door may lead to a cool room as an apple box bearing the words 'CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE' ...


'Rainbow over Melbourne', c1955

This is an enamelled picture in three parts, depicting a rainbow above houses with a garden at the bottom, made by Martha Ash around 1955. It measures 72.5 cm wide x 67.2 cm high.


'Kurdish refugees of the Gulf War', 1992

This is a work of art by Hasan Bagdas that uses paper collage and oil paint to depict Kurdish refugees fleeing chemical warfare during the Gulf War. Paper has been folded and manipulated to create four figures carrying bundles against an arid background. One figure with stick in hand dominates the foreground and there are ...


'Metamorphosis of a saz', c1990-95

This is a mixed media sculpture by Hasan Bagdas, constructed in wood, paper and found objects. The piece represents a kangaroo made from a saz (a Turkish musical instrument), a vacuum cleaner head and leather. Various international images and images from the artist's paintings have been stuck to the body of the sculpture. Found ...


Hmong banner

This is a banner made by Hmong women from Laos consisting of an embroidered design on blue background, inside a border of blue, grey and white fabric. The embroidery depicts scenes of a farming community and shows men and women, sometimes with children, performing the tasks of sowing, reaping and processing various crops ...


Banner depicting a Hmong migration story, c1985-92

This is a banner consisting of an embroidered design on a blue background, inside a border. The embroidery depicts the migration of the Hmong people from their homeland. It shows a village scene with one soldier about to set fire to the huts and others pointing guns at the Hmong. There are scenes depicting work and the ...


Weaving shuttle with rollers

This is a wooden 'boat' shuttle used for weaving. It has a simple wooden roller at each end of the shuttle that enables it to pass more smoothly through the 'shed', the space between the warp threads. The dimensions of the shuttle are: length 4.0 cm, width 2.5 cm, height 30.5 cm.


'My life', 1996

This is a wooden panel carved in bas-relief by Eva Schubert in 1996, depicting her life. The bottom left-hand corner shows children playing and singing, woods and fish in a river. There is a scene of refugees dated 1945, a town scene, and a ship on the ocean, dated 1955. The top part of the carving shows Melbourne, eucalypts, ...


Hindeloopen style foot stove, 1994

This is a foot stove painted in 'Hindeloopen' style. It is a small portable wooden box, open on one side, and is painted a warm red shade with green base and top. It has floral motifs and other decorations painted on it.


Latvian fabric, 1995

This is a length of red-coloured fabric, woven in the traditional colours and patterns of the Nica region on the west coast of Latvia. Dimensions: 27.06 cm x 72.5 cm.


Countermarch floor loom, 1945-50

This is a loom made from recycled timber. The loom is fitted together with wooden pegs and steel bolts, and is made up of many pieces, which allow it to be dismantled and reconstructed. Its dimensions are: 1.43 m (length) x 1.70 m (width) x 1.88 m (height).


Gay and lesbian 'Wimbledon Dance' badge, 1981

This is a cream circular badge featuring the profile in green of US tennis player Billie Jean King inside the top left quadrant, against a dotted green background. The remainder of the badge has the inscription, also in green, 'GCN / "We All Make Mistakes" / Wimbledon Dance / July 1981'. The badge's diameter is 3.2 cm.


Badge protesting against labelling of gay and lesbian minority, c1979

This is a circular badge with light blue background, featuring the word 'MEMBER' printed in white capital letters across the centre within a wide orange stripe. The words 'IMMORAL' and 'MINORITY', also in white capitals, are printed across the top and bottom respectively. There is slight rust at the top of the badge and ...


Gay solidarity badge, 1969

This is a red circular badge from New York. The black outline of a butterfly inside the black outline of a triangle is printed in the centre. Around the top rim is the thick black inscription 'GAY SOLIDARITY'. 'CHRISTOPHER ST, JUNE '69' is printed around the bottom rim. The badge has a diameter of 3.70 cm.