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Chelsea Theatre premiere, Flinders Street, Melbourne, 1960

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a male and a female performer dancing to live music at a film premiere at the Chelsea Theatre. The dancers are wearing Edwardian-style costume, with the man in a striped suit and straw boater hat and the woman in a striped swimming costume. The negative ...

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Gathering dance forces

Choreographer Stephen Page works with the dancers of Bangarra Dance Theatre (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancers) and The Australian Ballet to create a new dance for the program 'Gathering'. Discover what happens when two sets of artists with their own cultural traditions, training and approaches to storytelling ...

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En pointe: keeping you on your toes!

Imagine a job where you have to dance on the tips of your toes! Ballerinas do this every day and they have to train hard in order to learn the correct technique. There's quite a difference between what the the audience sees them doing on stage and the way they prepare for performances. So, why do female classical ballet ...

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Dancing with cacti

Can you imagine dancing with a cactus? Alexander Ekman, a young choreographer from Sweden, thought critics often told audiences how they should think and feel when they watch a dance. He felt people should be allowed to make up their own minds. Watch this clip to see how he has fun with this idea in a dance called 'Cacti' ...

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Emergence of a dance

Do you always know how something will turn out before you begin? In creating the dance work 'Emergence' for the Sydney Dance Company, choreographer Rafael Bonachela and designer Benjamin Cisterne didn't. From interesting images they collected and discussed, both the dance and the design emerged. Bonachela created movement ...

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Dance up close: Pina in 3D

How can film get close to the experience of a live performance? Director Wim Wenders created PINA as a feature-length dance film tribute to the German choreographer Pina Bausch, who died in the summer of 2009. This clip shows sections of two of the works performed by Tanztheater Wuppertal, which were filmed using 3D film ...

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A dancer's dancing day

What do dancers need to do to keep at the top of their game and be ready to respond to the demands of working on new choreography? Thomas Bradley, a Sydney Dance Company member, takes us through his daily routine as a full-time dancer during the making of the dance '2 One Another'. The choreographer working with Bradley ...

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Connecting sculpture to dance

The former artistic director of Chunky Move, choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, was inspired by the sculptures of Reuben Margolin to create the dance 'Connected'. These sculptures made him think about what happens when a dancer begins to dance on stage and the way they transform from a person to a body in space.


Beyond the furthest fences, 1947: The AIM nursing hostel, Birdsville

This silent clip shows the working activities of nursing sisters at the Australian Inland Mission (AIM) nursing hostel at Birdsville in Queensland in 1947. A sister is shown bandaging a young girl's finger and applying drops to a boy's eye, with close-up shots revealing her skill. Footage of goats in a pen is followed by ...


Melbourne Chinese Orchestra Selections, 1931

This black-and-white clip shows part of a traditional Chinese musical performance on stage by eight members of the Melbourne Chinese Orchestra in 1931. The clip begins with a caption reading: 'SELECTIONS / Melbourne Chinese Orchestra', shown on the closed stage curtain. The music begins at the same time and then the curtain ...

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Using 'Light and vision' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explores the eye as a receptor of light. Students build on prior understandings of light relating to wave theory and particle theory, and move on to investigate reflection, refraction, optics and prisms. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.

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Exploring biographical writing

The 'Biography' section of the Civics and Citizenship Education website presents biographical writing as an accessible and lively way to explore Australian history and society. It contains short biographies of prominent Australians, both contemporary and historical, and lesson plans for reading and analysing biographical ...

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Building plans

This spatial activity sets the student in the role of an architect who has been asked to consider different unit building designs. These buildings are presented as isometric drawings, mat plans or with top, front and right-hand end views. Students are required to solve design problems within this context.


Shearing shed, 1921

This is an image, possibly a publicity still, from the 1921 silent movie 'A girl of the bush'. The still shows shearers at work in the shearing shed and the lead character, Lorna Denver, played by Vera James, standing in the centre, flanked by other principal characters. The captions read 'The Shearing Shed at Kangaroo ...


Cleaning the bails after milking

This is a small (82 mm x 58 mm) black-and-white photograph showing two members of the Australian Women's Land Army, Betty Campbell (now Horne, left) and Joyce Harrison, cleaning out the bails after milking at Green Lawn Dairy near Bathurst, New South Wales, in 1943 or 1944 during the Second World War. The photograph was ...


Mount Martha Beach, Victoria, 1971

This is a 1971 colour photograph of a group of teenagers sunbaking at Mount Martha Beach, on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. The scene depicts recreational activities at the beach including catamaran sailing, as well as some of the iconic bathing boxes and boatsheds of that area.


Ranelagh Beach, 1970

This is a 1970 colour photograph of Ranelagh Beach on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria. It shows a number of people walking along the beach and others sitting on the beach. A number of boathouses line the beach at the base of sand dunes.


Diphtheria ward of the Melbourne Hospital, Christmas 1900

This is a black-and-white photograph taken in the grounds of the Melbourne Hospital on Christmas Day, 1900. It shows children from the hospital's diphtheria ward seated in a large wicker pushcart. Two nurses, one of whom holds an infant, stand behind the children. On the right of the photograph is a doctor. The photograph ...


Boer War hospital ward, 1899-1902

This is a black-and-white photograph taken during the Boer War in South Africa in a hospital ward showing 14 wounded men in bed or sitting beside their beds; and probably a male orderly and a female nurse are standing in the far corner. The room is decorated with flags, paper lanterns and decorations. The photograph measures ...


Wool sorting at Gilgandra, 1936

This is a black-and-white photograph, measuring 21.3 cm x 16.2 cm, of four men skirting fleeces and classing wool at Berida Station near Gilgandra in New South Wales. They are using two long tables in a large shearing shed. The station manager's daughter, a shearing contractor and two shed hands are looking on. In the background ...