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Newsletter – July 2019

This newsletter from the Digital Technologies in Focus project includes information about an On Country staff development day with Leonara District High School, cybersecurity, the Australian Curriculum, and useful resources.


Network infographic

Throughout the lesson sequence, students keep and maintain a reflection log with key content to inform the development of an infographic.


Filter bubbles, bias, rabbit holes and nudging

This lesson focuses on the AI systems that recommend content in various applications that students use on a day-to-day basis. It draws on students’ ethical understandings during analysis of these systems. This lesson was developed by the Digital Technologies Institute in collaboration with the Digital Technologies Hub.


Exploring digital systems unplugged: networks: years 5-6

This PDF provides activities in which students identify features of digital systems, and create models to demonstrate their operations. Students are encouraged to demonstrate their understanding of Domain Name Servers (DNS), routing, and transmission control and internet protocols (TCP/IP).


Questacon Cyber Castle Challenge

Embark on an exhilarating virtual adventure that will ignite young minds and equip them for the digital frontier. The Questacon Cyber Castle Challenge is a FREE Minecraft: Education game and resources to engage students in cyber security concepts and skills of the future.


Cyber security analysis from The Conversation

This is a collection of articles about cyber security. It includes articles on cyber-espionaage, cyber crime, data security, government policy around cyber security, and international perspectives including from US, China and UK. The articles are written in plain language and are authored by experts from universities in ...