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Listed under:  Science  >  Scientific inquiry  >  Data collection  >  Data logging
Interactive resource

The Circle: ornithologist

Look at the structure and function of emperor penguins and Adelie penguins. Find out about breeding cycles and behaviour such as 'huddling' within a penguin colony. Explore how biologists study penguins in Antarctica. Examine a remote field station and data logging methods. This learning object is one in a series of eight ...

Interactive resource

Temperature effects of light on air and carbon dioxide

This interactive is a simulation of an experiment comparing the change of temperature in two flasks, one filled with air and the other with carbon dioxide only. Lights above the flasks come on and simulate the change in temperature. Results are portrayed on a graph.

Interactive resource

How temperature affects the rate of respiration

This interactive is a simulation of an experiment comparing the amount of oxygen consumed by germinating peas at two different temperatures. The data are displayed in a table and on a graph.

Moving Image

Why tag a starfish?

This is a colour video clip in which biologist Dr Miles Lamare of the University of Otago talks about the advantages of using electronic tags to study sea stars. He explains how the tags operate, the data they provide and how unusual it is for them to be used on invertebrates. Sequences showing tags on sea stars and other ...