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Study English: sentences and conjunctions

Improve your writing with a variety of compound and complex sentences. Discover some simple ways to connect ideas with conjunctions (words that join). In this clip, presenter Margot Politis unpacks a video report on a new, environmentally friendly solar house. You'll clear any confusion about conjunctions, clauses and commas.

Interactive resource

Finish the story: car crash: assessment

Assess your ability to edit a comic book story about a romance where a couple have an argument, and then one person is involved in a car crash. Look closely at the narrative to make it more exciting and complete. Choose an ending. Improve the story by adding adverbial phrases and similes, and by linking sentences using ...

Teacher resource

Starting Smart: effective energies: explain and inform

This curriculum package provides teachers of students in years 7-9 with background information, ten lesson plans, activities and resources designed to develop knowledge about explanations. The lessons model a range of teaching and learning strategies to explore the purpose, organisation, vocabulary and language structures ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 10: ordinal numbers 1st to 10th

This set of interactive activities from the Languages online resource introduces Indonesian ordinal numbers from first to tenth. Student activities include a pronunciation drill, a caption-matching exercise with timer, completing simple sentences and labelling the finishing order of a car race to produce an animation. Also ...


BBC Bitesize: compound sentences - revision

This is a series of four information sheets designed to teach students about phrases and clauses, sentence types and punctuation. It covers simple, complex and compound sentences. This resource is one of a series of online resources from the BBC's Bitesize collection.

Interactive Resource

Syllabus bites: types of sentences

A web page resource with information, teacher guides and activities on types of sentences to support the Australian Curriculum in English K–10. It has detailed activities, links to resources and quizzes.

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Study English: formal writing

Formal writing is an important skill, not just for your time at school but also for when you enter the workforce. There are many ways you can improve the formality of your writing. Explore some of these strategies in the following clip.

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Study English: adjectives and their uses

Explore the power of adjectives. In this clip, presenter Margot Politis unpacks a documentary video about the sea floor. Discover how useful adjectives can be when you compare and describe things. You'll also learn how to put adjectives in the correct order when you are using more than one.

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Study English: recounts and opposites

Discover ways to talk and write about something that has happened in the past. Presenter Margot Politis unpacks a video in which a woman speaks of the time she had a medical emergency. You will gain some tips on forming compound and complex sentences. You'll also learn some common past tense verbs and some useful information ...

Teacher resource

Teaching AC English

This is a resource for instructional leaders and teachers containing video vignettes and supporting text that demonstrate differentiation and explicit teaching of the Australian Curriculum: English in the areas of reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar across a range of classrooms from Foundation to year 10. The vignettes ...

Teacher resource

Primary English: models and modelling

These seven learning activities, which focus on 'modelling texts' using a variety of tools (software) and devices (hardware), illustrate the ways in which content, pedagogy and technology can be successfully and effectively integrated in order to promote learning. In the activities, teachers are provided with guidance about ...

Teacher resource

Improving narrative and language skills in senior primary school students

This teacher resource describes a highly successful narrative strategy developed by Mahogany Rise Primary School in Victoria. The strategy enhanced acquisition of literacy skills by supporting students' oral language development. All years 5 and 6 students were involved in whole-class programs. Extended intervention in ...

Teacher resource

Politics with punch - unit of work

In this unit of work, students analyse the meanings and messages of different Australian political cartoons through closely examining subject, target, style, symbol, tone and captions. Students use digital and traditional learning tools to creatively and critically respond to the situations, people and events represented.


Migrant students learning English, 1970 - asset 1

This black-and-white photograph shows a young female teacher and two students standing at a classroom blackboard. Written in chalk on the blackboard are the sentences 'She isn't thin' and 'He isn't young', and the words 'is fat', 'old', 'shoes are old', 'were happy' and 'new book' from other sentences that are only partially ...


Australia's mineral wealth, 1934 - asset 13

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white film titled 'Mineral wealth', produced by Australian Government Film Products in 1934 to highlight Australia's mineral wealth. The commentary is backed by light organ music. In the opening sequence, the camera pans over the Mount Lyell copper and tin mine and its surrounds, showing ...


Australia's mineral wealth, 1934 - asset 14

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white film titled 'Mineral wealth', produced by Australian Government Film Products in 1934 to highlight Australia's mineral wealth. The commentary is backed by light organ music. The excerpt depicts men sluicing the earth from a hillside with a high-pressure hose in the search for tin ...

Interactive resource

Online news: Green Valley Voice

Build a news story opposing a plan to dam a local river. Look at a model news story telling readers how a dam would affect farmers. Build a web page describing the impact a dam would have on tourism and the environment. Choose titles, words and images to support your position. For example, use words such as 'destroy' and ...

Interactive resource

Online news: Perfect Pets

Help a pet shop to sell more of their unusual pets. Examine a web page promoting a giant cockroach. Build pages describing why ferrets and hermit crabs make great pets. Choose titles, words and images to interest an audience and support your message. For example, use words such as 'lovable' and 'cute' to create a positive ...

Interactive resource

Online news: island holiday

Help an island resort to sell more holiday packages. Examine a web page designed to attract families. Build a page describing attractions for thrill-seekers and another for nature lovers. Choose titles, words and images that suit your audience and support your message. For example, use words such as 'glorious' and 'unspoilt' ...

Interactive resource

Zou ba! The Gold Buddha: qualifying statements

Follow an adventure about 'The Gold Buddha'. Find out how to adjust the meaning of a statement by adding a phrase. For example, say that you speak Chinese and add 'but I can't speak it well'. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.