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Families and chronic illness: introductions

This clip shows young Indigenous people speaking about their experiences of caring for family members living with a chronic illness. They talk about the family member they care for and about the nature of the illness. They describe some of the effects of the illness on that person and the effect on their own lives. This ...


Young people and type 1 diabetes: diagnosis

This clip shows young Indigenous and non-Indigenous people talking about their experience of type 1 diabetes. They were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as children, between the ages of 4 and 16. They describe their symptoms at the onset of illness and talk about the effect of their diagnosis on themselves and their families. ...


Young people and type 1 diabetes: hypos

This clip shows young people with type 1 diabetes talking about how they feel when their blood sugar level is low and they are having a 'hypo' (experiencing hypoglycaemia), and how they respond to avoid a hypoglycaemic coma. They also describe some strategies for avoiding hypos when they play sport. This clip is one in ...

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Diabetes not so sweet

Diabetes is on the increase, but do you know what it is, how it happens, and most importantly, how to avoid developing one type of it? View this clip to discover the answers to these questions, as well as the differences between the two types of diabetes.