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Human rights and disabilities - unit of work

This is a unit of work about the human rights of people with disabilities. Intended for upper primary students, the unit is organised around six areas of investigation: definitions of disability; basic human rights; whether all people enjoy basic human rights all the time; the issue of access for people with disabilities; ...


Tackling disability discrimination in sport

This is a unit of work about disability discrimination in sport. It explores: the concept of disability rights and how to make sports more inclusive; the barriers people with disabilities face when participating in some sports; the role of the Australian Human Rights Commission in disability complaints in sport; participation ...


Disability Rights, Accessibility and Liveability

This is a unit of work about disability rights, accessibility and liveability. It explores: liveable communities for diverse groups of people; assessing liveability of a local places for people with disabilities; disability rights and accessibility; and accessible transport services. The resource includes: an introduction; ...


Disability Rights, Inclusion and Sport

This is a unit of work about disability rights, inclusion and sport. It explores: the benefits of valuing diversity; the physical, mental and social benefits of physical activity; and how diversity and difference can be respected through sport. The resource includes: an introduction, a focus, six lessons, learning outcomes, ...