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Listed under:  Society  >  Religion  >  Spirituality  >  Discipleship

Divine Service - The House of Freedom Church, Brisbane, 1986: A church community

This clip shows part of an informal Christian service of the House of Freedom Church being held in a suburban home in Brisbane. Worshippers include young children, who are shown seating themselves on the floor in front of a low table on which are a wooden cross and flowers. Other participants are mainly young adults seated ...


Corroboree, c1817

This is a 17.7 cm x 27.7 cm watercolour showing Indigenous Australian men at a moonlit, night-time corroboree around a central fire in a bush clearing. Five men are dancing in a line on one side of the fire, while another six men stand on the other side, all painted with white ochre ceremonial markings on their legs, arms ...


Indigenous Australians at the Hunter River, c1817

This is a 17.7 cm x 27.8 cm watercolour of 12 people from the Awabakal language group with their dogs beside the Hunter River in New South Wales. It is a cloudy night but the moon has broken through and is reflected on the water. The people are gathered around campfires, possibly in two separate family groups, each with ...


Indigenous Australians fishing by torchlight, c1817

This is a watercolour, measuring 17.7 cm x 27.9 cm, created by Joseph Lycett in about 1817. It depicts Indigenous Australians spear fishing from three bark canoes at night. In each canoe are a man with a spear and a person holding a firebrand. On the river bank, 15 adults and a child are gathered around two fires, roasting ...


Tim Storrier, 'Lighting Fires', 1993: Australian night sky

This clip shows Australian artist Tim Storrier working in his studio. He is shown preparing to continue working on his large painting of the Australian night sky. He looks at a small study he has previously done and familiarises himself with a star chart. He commences painting and the camera shows him from behind, standing ...