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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Finance  >  Investment  >  Dividends

Joe Leahy's Neighbours, 1988: 'Debate '

The clip shows a community meeting in which a Ganiga man debates with Joe Leahy about the fair allocation of profits from their shared Kaugum coffee plantation in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Highlands. After the man's initial speech referring to the 60-40 per cent split of profits, Leahy replies. There are more questions ...

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 10: Number and Algebra: division of whole numbers - teacher guide

This is a 26-page guide for teachers. This module contains a description of suitable models for division, a discussion of the types of problems that require division for their solution, and mental and written strategies for division.

Teacher resource

TIMES Module 39: Number and Algebra: polynomials - teacher guide

This is a 27-page guide for teachers. This module introduces addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of polynomials. Factorisation of polynomials and the solution of polynomial equations are also discussed.