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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Waves (Energy)  >  Frequency (Waves)  >  Doppler effect
Interactive resource

Seeing with sound

Explore how sound travels as a wave. Examine diagrams and simulations; answer questions about sound properties. Test the effects of changing wave properties: frequency, wavelength and amplitude. Transmit sounds in a range of mediums: air, water, steel or a vacuum. Find out how echolocation works. Measure speed and direction ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Light and Matter

Links to resources to explore fundamental questions about light and matter and the application of the physics of light and matter to the past, the future and to space. Includes a quick quiz, links to additional DEC NSW physics resources and to the International Science School at the University of Sydney.

Interactive Resource

Fred Watson Masterclass

Fred Watson has been Astronomer-in-Charge at the Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO) since 1995, pioneered work on optical fibres used optical telescopes and has had a long and entertaining scientific career. In this Masterclass, filmed at University of Western Sydney (UWS) Observatory, Fred Watson presents his ?Stargaze? ...