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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Mechanical energy  >  Motion  >  Rotational motion  >  Orbits  >  Earth rotation
Moving Image

Big sky sunsets at Windorah, Qld

In this clip the narrator will show you a place that she likes to visit. This place is near Windorah in Queensland. The narrator says that this is 'big sky country'. She likes to sit in the sand dunes and watch the colours around her change as the sun goes down.

Moving Image

Why sunsets and sunrises will never be blue or green

Can you guess how many sunsets and sunrises an astronaut on the International Space Station sees every 24 hours? Sixteen! Imagine seeing all those spectacular colours so many times a day (even if the view lasts only a few seconds as they zoom by). Find out exactly why sunrises and sunsets are red, orange and golden but ...

Teacher resource

Primary Connections: Night and day

This comprehensive teacher resource explores how the Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day, using a series of collaborative inquiry-based learning activities. The sizes, shapes, positions and movements of the Sun, Earth and Moon are investigated, and shadow changes throughout the day ...

Teacher resource

Where does the sun go at night?

This sequence of resources focuses on investigating day and night, the movement of the sun across the sky, shadows and the moon. Observing the difference between the day and night sky and the movement of the sun across the sky at regularly time intervals provides data collection activities for students.

Teacher resource

Looking to the Moon

Use these tasks and resources to investigate how the Earth rotates and how its rotation affects what we see in the sky, in particular the views of the moon. Students explore the relative position and rotation of the moon to the Earth and use this to investigate why we only see one side of the moon.

Assessment resource

Light and shadows: assessment

Test your understanding of shadows. Complete 12 tasks about how shadows change during the day. For example, match the shadow cast by a tree to the position of the Sun. View and print a report on your work.

Interactive resource

Frames of reference for Newton's laws - Galilean relativity

Learn about frames of reference in which the laws of physics seem to be violated. Observe the motion of an object in an inertial and non-inertial frame. Discover where fictitious forces come from and see why Newton's laws apply in all inertial frames of reference. This resource consists of a web page with text and animation.

Interactive resource


This is a slideshow resource about the development of the television set. Four televisions are featured: a 'televisor' from the early 1930s, a television set from the late 1930s, one from the late 1950s and a portable television from 1969. Onscreen text outlines how the televisions worked, describes what the picture quality ...

Interactive resource


This is a slideshow resource showing seven radios used in the past. It includes three images of people using radios that were both receivers and transmitters in the 1920s, 1940s and 1960s. Four other images show radios that only received transmissions. They include radios that were pieces of furniture, dating from the 1930s ...


Changing technology and televisions

This is a collection of digital curriculum resources focusing on the development of television and its effects on people's lives. The collection is organised into three categories - early television; television arrives in Australia; and colour television. Among the highlights of the collection are images of televisions ...


Using a portable pedal wireless in 1946

This is a 1946 black-and-white photograph showing a man operating a Traeger Pedal Radio. He is seated under large gum trees on a riverbank with a truck close by.


A young postal worker on a bicycle, 1936

This is a black-and-white photograph of a uniformed New South Wales junior postal officer who delivered telegrams on his bicycle.


A telecommunications advertisement in 1953

This is a black-and-white photograph of a display in the window of a Brisbane telegraph office. A large advertisement encourages people to 'Save MONEY - ADDRESS YOUR TELEGRAMS TO A TELEPHONE ADDRESS - Save TIME'.


Hilltop railway cutting near Mittagong, 1884-1917

This is a black-and-white photograph from a silver gelatin dry-plate glass negative produced by the studio of Charles Kerry and Co, Sydney, showing a section of the Main South Line railway near Mittagong, New South Wales, some time between 1884 and 1917. Three men and a woman are posed on a fettler's trolley, a small, self-propelled ...



This is a colour photograph of a number of modems, both external modems and internal modem cards, piled up in order of size. The name 'NetComm' is visible on several of the external modems. Text is visible on some of the cards, including the words 'WARNING!', 'Australian high technology', 'Australia' and 'QBlazer'.


Closing scenes in 'The golden west', 1929

This is an excerpt from the short film 'The golden west', made in 1929 to commemorate the centenary of British settlement of Western Australia. It begins with an elaborate intertitle overlaid with the words: 'And so our short tale / ends with a typical / western sunset, that leaves / its glint on the hills and / its shimmer ...


Sunset photograph from 'The Edge of the World', 1997

This is a colour photograph of a sunset in the remote northern coastal region of Western Australia.


Australia Post - Letter Writing Venice, 1986: Dear Cathy

This clip shows an Australia Post advertisement. A man sweeps in St Marks Square in Venice as the 'Andante' from Mozart's 'Piano Concerto No 4' plays. An attractive young woman sits at an outdoor café table as a voice-over, the 'voice' of her father, narrates the fond words of the letter she is reading. The camera lingers ...


'Going home', c1889

This oil sketch by Tom Roberts shows the dark figures of a man and a woman with arms linked walking towards the viewer. The man holds an umbrella and the woman's face can just be discerned as she hitches up her skirt and leans in to talk to him. They are silhouetted against the wet pavement of the road and footpath that ...


Let's Go, c1956: The Shell Touring Service

This black-and-white clip shows the way the Shell Touring Service assisted motorists in 1950s Australia. A series of short scenes is staged to illustrate the difficulties motorists could encounter. The nature of the assistance offered at a Shell Touring Service centre is illustrated in a number of scenes. The clip closes ...