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This is an information sheet on australites, a dark, glassy type of tektite. 

Moving Image

And now for the Sun's weather ...

The Sun is the primary source of energy on Earth and plays a major role in the weather we experience, but how does it affect weather in space? Watch this animation showing what happens when there is solar wind, solar flare and even a solar storm. Find out about their impacts on our planet and on us.

Teacher resource

Primary Connections: Night and day

This comprehensive teacher resource explores how the Earth’s rotation on its axis causes regular changes, including night and day, using a series of collaborative inquiry-based learning activities. The sizes, shapes, positions and movements of the Sun, Earth and Moon are investigated, and shadow changes throughout the day ...

Interactive resource

Map tool: South-East Asia and the Mekong River

Trace the path of the Mekong River through China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Explore how these countries use resources from the river. For example, look at which countries have built dams to generate hydro-electric power. Explore issues such as river pollution.

Interactive resource

The Sven Callaway Show: drugs

Watch a talk show host interviewing people about drug issues: students, health experts and a studio audience. Look at drug usage, health effects and peer pressure. Explore a range of opinions including 'way out' ideas. Notice how people interpret facts differently. Research a topic, then describe your views on the key issues. ...

Interactive resource

Travels in Indonesia: pharmacy

Find a chemist shop in an Indonesian town. Choose items including regional and traditional Indonesian remedies. Talk with a pharmacist and a local customer. Use cultural knowledge to answer questions politely. This learning object is one in a series of five objects.


'Too many cooks' - influenza treatment cartoon, 1937

This is a black-and-white cartoon commenting on the various methods of treating influenza used in the 1930s. It depicts parents reading books and newspapers and taking the advice of doctors and of William Hughes, the then minister for health, in an attempt to find the best treatment for their child's illness. The cartoon ...


Mother Aubert's medicines, c1895

These are two glass medicine bottles and three cardboard boxes, dating from about 1895, used to package Mother Mary Joseph Aubert's herbal remedies. The two bottles, each with a cork stopper and a large label on the front and sides, contain 'Paramo', a remedy for liver and kidney complaints, and 'Karana', a general tonic. ...


Orrery, c1770 - part 1

This is a close-up of a mechanical model of part of the solar system, commonly known as an orrery, made by renowned London instrument maker Benjamin Martin in about 1770. This bronze model features a cylindrical clockwork mechanism with an orb representing the Sun placed in the centre. Extending from this on an arm is a ...


Yolngu Boy, 2000: Petrol sniffing

This clip shows Botj (Sean Mununggurr), who has broken into the Women's Community Centre, sniffing petrol. As he looks at a painting with traditional Indigenous symbols he begins to hallucinate and then goes on a rampage, smashing up the Centre. He attacks a painting of his totem, Baru the crocodile, venting his anger on ...


What's Your Poison? - Ecstasy, 1997: When the fun stops

This clip shows still photos of dancers and colourful lights in a nightclub, edited to give a strobe-like effect. The viewer then sees, from the perspective of a patient admitted to hospital after an adverse reaction to drugs, a group of emergency department staff leaning over and asking questions. Dr Gordian Fulde, the ...


Selling Sickness, 2004: PMDD

This clip shows excerpts from drug company television advertisements defining, describing and portraying symptoms of premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD) and promoting the benefits of Sarafem, a drug that supposedly controls these symptoms. The clip also features an excerpt from a television show in which a woman describes ...


Rites of Passage, 1994: Teen smoking

This clip shows two teenagers together, then cuts to an interview with the young man in which he discusses his reasons for smoking and how it affects his parents. Teenagers are then shown smoking outdoors and blowing smoke into the camera while addressing comments through the camera to their parents. A young woman sitting ...


I'll Be Home for Christmas, 1984: An alcoholic Christmas Day

This clip shows a group of men sitting around a table in a park on Christmas Day, drinking and smoking as they listen to previously recorded interviews with themselves on the radio. The men's voices are heard as they talk about a variety of issues, including the meaning of Christmas and their relationships with their families. ...


Difficult Pleasure - A Portrait of Brett Whiteley, 1989: Powerful gift

This clip shows Brett Whiteley's artworks in his studio intercut with black-and-white photographs of him as a child. As the camera pans through the studio and over the works, Whiteley describes the challenges of being gifted and of overcoming his addictive tendencies. Finally, the camera reveals him in the studio, rising ...


Australia Today - Lucky Strike … and Other Segments, 1938: The fatal hour

This black-and-white newsreel clip shows a comic depiction of two men working on a building site. One checks his watch and they rush to a pub before the doors are closed at 6 pm. The men are permitted to enter the pub and are given 20 minutes' drinking time before being asked to leave. The men drink quickly and then leave ...


Betelnut Bisnis, 2004: Trading buai

This clip shows the betelnut trade in Papua New Guinea. Jane and Lucas travel from a market in PNG to a coastal village to visit Jane's aunt, who grows betelnut (buai). Lucas chats with Jane's aunt while a boy is shown climbing a tree to harvest some betelnut. Lucas tastes the betelnut before purchasing some to take with ...


Billal, 1996: Circumstances lead to a car accident

This clip shows Linc Beswick explaining what happened when the car he was driving ran over a Lebanese-Australian teenager. Images of the housing estate in south-western Sydney where both live, a damaged house and the accident scene are interspersed with Beswick's account of how the 'Lebs' damaged the house, frightened him ...


Sammy Butcher, Out of the Shadows, 2004: I have seen it all

This clip shows the efforts of Luritja man and well-known musician, Sammy Butcher, to keep culture strong. The opening sequence features young boys, members of the Little Orphan Band, singing of a family whose lives are dominated by alcohol, drugs and gambling as Butcher explains that perhaps the lyrics will change people's ...

Interactive Resource

Google Earth

This is a rich interactive iPad app mapping resource that enables the user to explore locations around the globe. The resource is presented as a map of the world with six main tools to enable navigation: Map layers to enable the user to select what is displayed on the map; a North direction button to reset the view; a My ...