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Listed under:  Economics and business  >  Finance  >  Accounting  >  Costs  >  Average cost  >  Economies of scale
Interactive resource

Innovation cycle: make

Look at processes needed to manufacture products. Explore a case study on the production of dual-flush toilets in Australia. See how the innovators have developed new processes and improved quality standards. Investigate possible manufacturers for a new tent. Choose the manufacturer best suited to the production requirements ...

Interactive resource

Muffin bakery: price and volume

Run a shop which bakes muffins. Investigate the fixed costs and variable costs involved in production. Look at how gross profit and net profit are calculated. Examine the effects of unsold stock on profit. Maximise profit by working out the best combination of production volume and price. Look closely at sales figures and ...


Anzac Tweed Factory, Melbourne, c1921

This is a segment from an unidentified silent black-and-white newsreel made in the 1920s featuring the Anzac Tweed Trust. The opening scene shows a group of 18 men and 6 women gathered behind a banner, which reads 'Anzac Tweed'. An intertitle explains that Anzac Tweed was taken over by the Returned Sailors and Soldiers ...


Poster for Mambo

This is a colour promotional poster designed by Reg Mombassa in 1984 for the Mambo Graphics clothing company. The poster features a typical Australian suburban backyard in which can be seen a utility vehicle with caravan attached, a Hills hoist clothesline and a small house. A character wearing colourful Mambo shorts is ...


Cochlear implant, 1999 - asset 1

This is a colour illustration of a cutaway view of an ear to show how a 1999 version of a cochlear implant would have been fitted, enabling profoundly deaf people to interpret sounds and speech. The grey implant is shown fastened to the bone just above the external ear, with the thin electrode extending into the snail-shaped ...

Teacher resource

Where are clothes manufactured?

This learning activity consists of a series of online resources supporting students to engage, explore and reflect on the ways people work and how businesses use outsourced labour to manufacture clothing and shoes in the economies of Asia. Students analyse data and information to identify why Australian businesses outsource ...