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NorthStar Advantage personal computer, early 1980s

This is a NorthStar Advantage 8/16, an integrated personal computer with accessories and software. The computer has a plastic shell that is beige on the sides and brown at the front. There is a glass screen at front left and there are two floppy disk drives, one under the other, to the right. The built-in keyboard slopes ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Tetris game maker

This resource is a tool students can use to make their own Tetris computer game in which a player must correctly respond to a clue that appears after every fourth falling block. Clues can be text, pictures or audio. If the answer is correct, the game continues. If it is incorrect, a 'bomb' falls through the game space, ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: memory game maker

Students can use this tool to make their own interactive memory game in which a player must find up to six matching pairs of cards arranged in two rows. Students can create text, pictures or sounds on each row of cards. They can customise the look and sound of the game. Also included are five files for students and teachers ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: matching game maker

Students can use this tool to make their own interactive matching game. In this game there are two columns, each containing six lines. To complete the game a player must drag lines to connect matching sets of text in each column. The game designer can type in their own text or include voice recordings in each column. Included ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: sentence game maker

This respurce is a tool students can use to make an interactive sentence game. The game involves sentences that have one or more words missing and a number of possible 'answer' words. The player must select the correct answer words to complete the sentences by either dragging and dropping or ‘shooting' the words in the ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: comprehension task maker

Students can use this tool to create an interactive comprehension activity based on a text. The text can be up to 20 pages long and can include images and sound as well as print. Up to 20 true/false or multiple-choice comprehension questions can be included. The tool also provides three files for the student and teacher ...

Teacher resource

ICT In Everyday Learning: A Toolkit for Teachers

This website illustrates how pedagogy, content and technology can be successfully and effectively integrated in order to promote learning. A series of activities across year levels F-10 in English, mathematics, science and history suggest practical approaches using the Australian Curriculum to integrate technology into ...

Interactive resource

Leadership and ICT

In a series of filmed interviews, school leaders discuss the 'game-changing' nature of technology in the classroom and how to practically and theoretically approach technological integration into the curriculum. Using the '8 Forces for leaders of change' to scaffold an approach to leadership and technology, principals and ...

Interactive resource

Open Explorer Builder

Use Open Explorer Builder to create an interactive multimedia project, presentation or unit of work. Build alone or with others. Select an image to represent your topic or area of study, then add points of interest to it and attach appropriate content to each of these points. You can import images, audio or Flash Video ...

Interactive resource

Neighbourhood charter

Investigate community problems in a street, such as a child painting graffiti on a shop wall. Identify actions to help people get along better. Look for positive ideas where people work together to solve problems. Choose community rules and rank them in order of importance.


Business behind Bars, 2000: Prison listener scheme

This clip shows Harry Papadopoulos, a prisoner in Port Phillip Prison, discussing the prison listener scheme and the reasons for its success. He explains that it allows prisoners to befriend and listen to other prisoners who feel vulnerable or suicidal or are worrying about personal problems such as upcoming court cases, ...


900 Neighbours, 2006: Safety in Northcott estate

This clip shows Charmaine and her teenage daughter Sasha talking about the positive aspects of living on the Northcott public housing estate in Surry Hills in Sydney, New South Wales. It opens with a view of John Northcott Place, a high-rise tower on the estate. Sasha then describes the games she and her friends played ...


The Getting of Wisdom, 1978: 'What have those little monsters been telling you?'

This clip shows the schoolgirls having a midnight feast and the new girl Laura (Susannah Fowle) being distressed by their terrifying tales of childbirth. In the following scene Laura practises piano as her teacher looks on and expresses surprise at Laura's proficiency and passion. An older girl, Evelyn (Hilary Ryan), joins ...


Colleen McCullough outlines what makes a good writer, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of the best-selling Australian author Colleen McCullough outlining what she believes makes a good writer. She shares her belief that some children with potential as writers do not have parents or teachers who are supportive, while others with little talent are 'over encouraged'. Stating ...


Colleen McCullough discusses the importance of research, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of the best-selling Australian author Colleen McCullough discussing the importance of research for a writer. McCullough explains that research for her own 'Masters of Rome' series of novels involved reading 'literally hundreds' of books by both modern and ancient writers. She stresses that ...

Moving Image

ICT in an open learning space

This short online video is a National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) resource for teachers of Japanese, and language teachers in general. It discusses the flexible delivery of educational software: how a year 9 Japanese language teacher, working in an open-plan school with no ICT infrastructure, ...

Moving Image

Moving with ICT in Chinese

This National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) resource is a short online video focusing on teaching methods using ICT in the multilevel language classroom. Using teacher voiceover and images of students, the video demonstrates how ICT catered for different ability levels and improved motivation in ...

Moving Image

J boys and the green screen

This National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) resource is a short online video focusing on ICT in the Indonesian language classroom. The video uses the voiceover of a year 7 teacher and shots of her students to demonstrate the students' enthusiasm for using ICT in their Indonesian language classroom. ...

Teacher resource

Teach and learn with Adobe

This resource is an overview of Adobe tools and services available to DoE teachers and students. It highlights what software can be used for the creation of digital products and explores relevant teaching and learning resources. Links to tutorials for working with the tools are provided, along with ideas about how and when ...

Teacher resource

Teachers talk laptops

This resource is a series of short videos about teachers using laptops in their high school classrooms. The subject areas covered are English, Mathematics, HSIE, Creative arts and PDHPE.