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How my water travels

In this lesson sequence, students explore what happens as water soaks into or runs over the ground. They gain an understanding of a catchment from a sandpit model that show how water moves across the landscape. Students then trace the journey that their water takes every day, from catchment or aquifer to tap.


Explaining our catchment

In this lesson sequence students use conceptual diagrams to identify features and relationships between features in the local waterway. Students create a conceptual diagram, using a hypothetical waterway from 'The story of a river'. They then create a digital conceptual diagram online using data collected from their local ...


Story of a river

In this activity, students use a story of a fictional river to explore the impacts of various land uses on the ecological health of a river. This demonstration can be used to introduce science or geography concepts related to your local catchment e.g. land uses, water cycle, human impacts and contaminants or waste in river ...


Visualising water quality

This lesson sequence provides a rich opportunity to discuss sustainable water management issues, particularly those related to a local catchment. Students gather and map data which allows them to answer questions and add simple environmental data such as water quality parameters to maps using Google Maps.


Watering the largest river red gum forest

This nine minute video explores the importance of environmental flows to maintain the ecological health of the Barmah-Millewa Forest in the Murray Darling Basin. This forest is a RAMSAR site and an icon site of the Living Murray with great social, economic, cultural, environmental and spiritual significance. While the forest ...