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Alien life form

Help an alien to understand how plants are adapted to life on Earth. Choose different combinations of leaves, seeds and roots. Design a plant that is best adapted to surviving in a particular environment. Adapt the plant for survival in specific environments: mangroves, cool rainforest, mountain slopes and arid land. ...


Hawkesbury River: tourism and river health

The Hawkesbury-Nepean river catchment provides a useful example of river management issues. This clip shows conservationist canoeists completing their journey along the Hawkesbury River in the 'Source to Sea' project. See what's being done to protect a fragile ecosystem of the river: seagrass. Find out how increased demand ...


Farmland run-off into estuaries

This is a colour video clip of marine scientist Dr Candida Savage discussing nutrient run-off from farmland, and the effects it has on estuaries and other coastal environments. The clip shows Dr Savage, from the University of Otago, New Zealand, being interviewed. It also shows images of houses on the banks of estuaries, ...