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Listed under:  Society  >  Culture  >  Cultural interaction  >  Ethnic relations

'The White Australia question' by E W Cole, 1903

This is the cover of a book titled 'The White Australia question', written by Edward William Cole and published by his business Cole's Book Arcade in 1903. It comprises approximately 132 thin paper pages, plus several thicker glossy pages with illustrations and photographs. The pages are bound between two thick boards covered ...


My Place - Episode 5: 1968: Sofia, Speaking the language

Sofia and her friend Mareka are watching Professor Julius Sumner Miller's television science show, 'Why is it so?', when Janice arrives and meets Sofia's mother and grandmother. She needs Sofia to translate the conversation and Sofia deliberately tells each party a wrong translation.


'Harvest of Endurance' scroll, 1988

This is the multiculturalism panel from the 'Harvest of Endurance' scroll celebrating the history of Chinese people in Australia as part of the 1988 Australian Bicentenary celebrations. This panel on the scroll depicts, at centre right, Australian political figures relevant to the ending of the White Australia Policy. At ...


Between rounds at the 1908 Johnson v Burns fight

This is an excerpt from actuality footage of the Heavyweight World Championship boxing match between African-American Jack Johnson and white Canadian title-holder Tommy Burns at Sydney Stadium, Rushcutters Bay, on 26 December 1908. It shows the break between rounds 7 and 8 when the boxers have returned to their corners ...


Atomic absorption spectrometer

This is a colour photograph of an atomic absorption spectrometer, an instrument developed in Australia by Sir Alan Walsh at Australia's CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). The photograph shows an open-lidded box with the company name 'Varian' on the left front, and 'SpectrAA-400' on the ...


Ceremonial Afghan jacket, c1890

This is the front and back of a ceremonial Afghan jacket, made of burgundy velvet and trimmed elaborately with gold braid. It was brought to South Australia in the 1890s by an Afghan camel trader returning from a pilgrimage to Mecca, as a gift to the owner of the general store at Farina, a small town near the Flinders Ranges ...


'Feast' for Indigenous people, 1827

This is a watercolour by Augustus Earle entitled 'The annual meeting of the native tribes at Parramatta, New South Wales, the Governor meeting them'. A large group of people is gathered on Market Square in Parramatta, near Sydney. Inside a roped-off area in the foreground are many Indigenous people, most seated on the ground. ...


Temple of Dreams, 2007: The youth conference

This clip shows scenes from a youth conference held in Sydney in 2006. Fadi, the organiser, welcomes participants and sets up the discussion groups. Young male and female Muslim participants brainstorm their concerns on issues ranging from family communications to problems at school and with the police. The diversity of ...


'Her first pipe of opium', 1888

This black line illustration by Phil May is rendered here on a sepia background and depicts a large Chinese man, 'Sin Fat', passing a pipe of opium to a young non-Chinese woman sitting next to him. In the background 'Mrs Sin Fat', also a non-Chinese woman, reacts in horror to the scene in front of her. The cartoon was originally ...