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Families and chronic illness: the benefits of sport

This clip shows young Indigenous people discussing the positive effects of their involvement in a team sport over the time they have acted as the carer of a family member with a chronic illness. They describe how playing sport is an outlet from responsibilities, and how team members and coaches can provide additional emotional ...

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Donuts and exercise

Peter Rowsthorn visits Dr Deborah Kerr at the WA Institute of Sport to answer the question 'How long does it take to walk off a donut?' Join Pete as he walks, jogs, rows and swims to burn off the energy from a single iced donut. As Dr Kerr takes Pete through his paces, learn how metabolic rate and muscle mass affect weight gain.

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Mobile society: 'mechanised sloth'

Do Australians depend too much on cars and get too little exercise? Many people like to think of Australia as being an active, sports-loving nation. What effect has the motor car had on this perception? This clip from the 1960s takes a look at the question of whether the popularity of driving was becoming a risk to the ...

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A dancer's dancing day

What do dancers need to do to keep at the top of their game and be ready to respond to the demands of working on new choreography? Thomas Bradley, a Sydney Dance Company member, takes us through his daily routine as a full-time dancer during the making of the dance '2 One Another'. The choreographer working with Bradley ...

Assessment resource

Scale matters: all numbers: assessment

Test your understanding of the use of scales, ranging from tens of thousands or thousands through to ones, tenths or hundredths. Look at two numbers and place a third number on a number line. Rename the third number by assigning place values for each digit or group of digits. For example, look at the numbers 105 384 and ...

Assessment resource

Scale matters: decimal numbers: assessment

Test what you know about using scales ranging from hundreds and tens down to tenths and hundredths. Look at two numbers and place a third number on a number line. Rename the third number by assigning place values for each digit or group of digits. For example, look at the numbers 74.6 and 76 on a number line and select ...

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Life science: human homeostasis

Explore how your body regulates body temperature in real-time. Investigate human homeostasis by monitoring the fatigue, water and sugar levels of a simulated man at rest and during exercise. Progressively adjust variables in order to maintain a stable internal temperature as the external temperature changes. Decide when ...

Interactive resource

Basketball clinic

Help a basketball team to practise shooting, passing and dribbling skills. Look at diagrams in a coaching manual. Use a model structure and sample phrases to build a set of instructions. Choose words that clearly describe actions and arrange them in sequence. For example, identify the first step in shooting as 'Face the ...


Shane Gould talks on a sports champion's qualities, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of the former champion Australian swimmer Shane Gould talking about what is required to be a champion sportsperson. Gould suggests a high degree of all-round activity is needed at a young age to produce good physical development prior to specialisation in a particular sport. She says that ...


Forbes Carlile discusses development of Australian sports science, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of the leading sports scientist and swimming coach Forbes Carlile speaking about his work in sports science. Carlile says that he worked under the 'father of sports science in Australia', Professor Frank Cotton. His own interest in the field was as a physiologist, measuring physical changes ...


'Morning mist, Rock Island Bend, Franklin River, Tasmania 1979'

This colour photograph shows morning mist at Rock Island Bend on the Franklin River in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. It was taken in 1979 by Peter Dombrovskis, and is part of the Dombrovskis collection of Tasmanian wilderness photographs (1978-95) held at the National Library of Australia. The photograph ...


Exercising on the beach in 1946

This is a photograph of young men and boys exercising by touching their toes, 'aeroplane'-style, on a beach at Newcastle, New South Wales, in 1946.


'Sydney's sunny beaches' - asset 2

This is an excerpt from a silent documentary made in 1925, which shows a day out at Bondi Beach. It features men and children engaged in physical exercise, including boys forming a human pyramid and girls doing cartwheels. The excerpt opens with the intertitle 'The sport develops fine vigorous men and healthy, happy women ...


Damselfly habitat at Alexander Billabong, Victoria

This is a colour photograph of Alexander Billabong, Victoria, a damselfly habitat.


Australia Today - Men of Tomorrow, 1939: Police Boys' Club

This clip shows a policeman introducing a teenage boy to the Police Boys' Club in 1939 and depicts some of the activities available at the Club such as wrestling, gymnastic work and boxing. A voice-over extols the benefits of the Club to individual boys and society in general, and explains that the volunteers at the Club ...


Stepping Out, 1980: 'We're all friends'

This clip shows scenes of the Lorna Hodgkinson Sunshine Home in Sydney. Footage of the grounds and inside the Home includes a child being bathed and older residents working. The unseen narrator, one of the inhabitants, introduces members of a drama group, led by teacher Aldo Gennaro, as they take part in a breathing exercise ...


The Rising Generation, c1925: 'Healthy minds in healthy bodies'

This silent black-and-white clip, introduced by the intertitle 'The system provides training to ensure healthy minds in healthy bodies', shows secondary school students, boys in the foreground and girls behind, playing in a large schoolyard. In response to a signal, the students 'freeze' before organising themselves into ...

Interactive resource

Zou ba! The body: staying healthy

Listen to dialogue promoting healthy living habits. For example, do more drinking water, eating fruit and vegetables, resting, exercising and reading. Do less drinking soft drink, eating meat and lollies, watching television and playing on the computer. This learning object is one in a series of four objects.

Interactive resource

Train a sumo wrestler: sports culture in Japan

Coach a trainee sumo wrestler. Explore cultural features of the sport such as arena design and match rituals. Look at sample training schedules. Arrange activities for a daily training schedule for a wrestler. Identify cultural features of the sport and items such as the referee and wrestler. Watch your trainee wrestler ...

Interactive resource

Train a sumo wrestler: beginner

Coach a trainee sumo wrestler. Explore cultural aspects of the sport such as arena design and match rituals. Look at sample training schedules. Arrange activities for a daily training schedule for a trainee. Identify cultural aspects of the sport. Label items such as the ring, wrestler and referee. Watch your trainee try ...