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Interactive resource

Reading between the lines

Test the vision of four people to identify vision problems: myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia. Compare effects of corrective lenses on reading at different distances. Look at a cross-section of the eye showing focal variations linked to a vision problem. Explore how common vision problems are by doing a survey. This learning ...


If Only, 2003: Shooting straight

This clip shows Cos telling the story of how his eyesight was restored through a cataract operation, enabling him to successfully resume his sport of competition rifle-shooting. A split screen is used to combine footage of Cos in interview with footage of his eye examination and later at the rifle range. An amusing scene ...

Moving Image

Colour blindness - seeing the world differently

The ability to see colours is an important human trait, but did you know some people's colour vision is impaired. View this clip to discover what it means to be colourblind and how it happens. Find out also about the extraordinary colour vision of the dunnart, and why it is important for this nocturnal marsupial.


'Prophet Isaiah, Apostle St Peter, Sundar Singh', 1936

This is a stained-glass window, designed in 1936 by Christian Waller (1894-1954) for a church in Bendigo, Victoria. The window is made up of three vertical panels, which measure 305 cm x 46 cm, 345 cm x 46 cm and 305 cm x 46 cm. Each panel features a single figure of a man, identified by a name that appears at the base ...


National Trachoma and Eye Health Program, 1976

This is a black-and-white photograph showing an orthoptist testing the distance vision of an Indigenous Australian at Warburton Range Mission in Western Australia in 1976.


National Trachoma and Eye Health Program, 1977

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Professor Fred Hollows, in the foreground, examining the eyes of an elderly Indigenous Australian woman at Noonkanbah in the Kimberley in Western Australia, assisted by one man and observed by another. One of these men is Professor Barrie Jones from the University of London.


Bowl by Edols and Elliott, 1998

This is a glass bowl made in 1998 by Benjamin Edols and Kathy Elliott, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. Measuring 24 cm (height) x 33 cm (width) x 30 cm (depth), it is half-ovoid in form and made from semitransparent blue glass. The surface of the bowl is decorated with a series of curved bands that join to form irregular ...


Scent bottle by Nick Mount, 2001

This is an oversized, elongated, purple-and-pink blown and wheel-cut glass scent bottle and stopper made in 2001 by Nick Mount in Adelaide, South Australia. It measures 100.5 cm (height) x 12.0 cm (width) x 16.0 cm (depth). The base is a tall, conical form that tapers to a glass ring. Set on top of this ring is a hollow, ...

Interactive resource

Eye: cancer, retinoblastoma

This is a high-resolution image of a section of tissue from the University of New South Wales Virtual Slide Repository. These resources can be manipulated like prepared microscope slides. They can be viewed at selected magnifications of up to 40 times, and in some cases the apparent illumination of the specimen can be varied. ...

Interactive Resource

Light sound action: student digital

This is a student digital resource that contains interactive materials relevant to a study of light, sound, and electricity. This resource contains a rich array of digital interactive activities, simulations, video clips, supportive information and notebook questions, and is divided into several parts including sections ...

Teacher resource

Light sound action: teacher guide

This is a teacher guide containing material to support the planning and implementing of lessons for a unit on the science of light, sound and electricity. It covers topics such as the wave and particle models, how light and sound are transmitted, and electromagnetic radiation and its uses in modern society; and includes ...