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A drover rounds up horses

This is a black-and-white photograph of a drover rounding up horses in the Australian outback. The photograph shows a man on horseback cracking a whip. Numerous horses can be seen in the background running through what appears to be scrub or bushland. Although the background is blurred, this emphasises the figure of the ...


Pest animals

This collection of 21 digital curriculum resources focuses on pest animals currently affecting the Australian and New Zealand environments. It is organised into three categories - environmental pests, economic pests and human nuisance pests. Images and videos depict some common pest animals as well as some more localised ...

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Bush rangers: the impact of introduced species on the Australian environment - unit of work

This unit of work focuses on the introduced species that live in the Australian bush, often causing damage to native flora and fauna. It is designed to make year 3–4 students aware that not all bush creatures are natives and not all are good for the environment. Students take on the role of an author’s research assistant ...

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‘True’ stories - unit of work

In this unit of work, students take on the role of an author’s research assistant to investigate one of the introduced species that live in the Australian bush. Then, rather than limiting themselves to writing a report, they are challenged to weave their factual research into a creative story about the creature.

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Helpful or harmful? - unit of work

This unit focuses on learning about minibeasts - the bugs, insects and other tiny creatures usually found under our feet. Students investigate: how to recognise common minibeasts; their life cycles and needs; their habits and habitats; and their contribution to the environment. They also learn about the purpose and format ...


Eastern barred bandicoot

This image is a colour photograph of an eastern barred bandicoot ('Perameles gunnii'). The eastern barred bandicoot is a small rabbit-sized marsupial with a compact body. Its elongated head tapers to a pink nose and well-whiskered muzzle, its ears are large and prominent, and its fur is greyish-brown.


Lorry loaded with dead rabbits, c1918

This is a black-and-white photograph measuring 15.1 cm x 20.4 cm, showing a lorry loaded with 1,760 pairs of dead rabbits being driven from a depot to the nearest railway station. It was taken in about 1918 in New South Wales. The photograph is attributed to the Country Freezing Company Limited. Printed in white at the ...


Wamsley's War, 2000: Cat hat

This clip shows John Wamsley, founder of Earth Sanctuaries, talking about his controversial hat made from feral cat skins, and how the hat was instrumental in his campaign to make it legal for operators of wildlife sanctuaries to destroy cats found on their property. Archival footage shows Wamsley at an official function, ...


The Man From Snowy River, 1982: 'A stripling, on a small and weedy beast'

This clip from the popular Australian feature film 'The Man from Snowy River' shows a chase sequence in which experienced stockmen pursue a valuable escaped colt that is running with a mob of brumbies (wild horses). The mob descends a steep and treacherous slope. The stockmen halt at the top, reluctant to follow them, but ...


Silver Brumby - Friends of the High Country, 1996: Beware

This animated clip shows gang-gang cockatoos screaming 'Beware! Beware!', alerting a mob of grazing brumbies that mountain men are on their way to catch them. The oldest horse and leader, Arrow, sneers at his younger brother Thowra for taking the warning seriously. Two riders then gallop towards the mob, which splits up, ...

Interactive resource

Earth Alert

Tune in to a television program exploring environmental issues. Solve four ecological problems involving pest animals and humans: domestic cats, European wasps, sea stars and rural drivers. Get tips for solving environmental problems in your local area.

Interactive resource

Make it alive: brush-tailed rock wallabies

Investigate the steep, rocky habitat of the endangered Victorian brush-tailed rock wallaby. Discover what these wallabies eat and how feral animals such as goats, which eat the same plants, are affecting their chances of survival. Help the rock-wallaby escape from dangerous wild dogs and find enough food before the sun ...

Interactive resource

Make it alive: superb parrots

Investigate the woodland habitat of the endangered superb parrot. Discover what these parrots eat and where they nest. Find out how feral birds and insects such as Indian mynahs, starlings and honeybees are affecting their chances of survival. Help the parrot escape from dangerous feral cats and find enough food before ...

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Coastal adaptation: ecosystems

This resource is a video about the consequences of climate change for the vulnerable ecosystems that exist in the water and on land around Australia’s coast. It explains how factors affected by climate change, such as temperature, rainfall, sea level and the chemistry of sea water, can impact on the species within an ecosystem. ...


Envirostories: farm animals

This is an ebook about a range of animals found on Australian farms, what they are used for, what they produce and what damage they can do. It includes animals farmed for food and/or fibre (chickens, beef and dairy cattle, sheep, ducks, pigs, alpacas and goats); animals used as pets or labour (dogs, donkeys and horses) ...

Interactive Resource

Aim to sustain: Alien invaders

Students examine and respond to information on introduced species and their impact on the Australian environment. The resource includes videos, SMART notebooks, worksheets and links to further interactive resources. Students have the opportunity to compose and present persuasive texts. The resource includes support notes ...


Too cold for cane toads

A new study reported in this video segment has looked at how temperatures impact cane toad movement and has aided in the development of a model that indicates that their geographical spread is limited. An excellent example of the use of mathematical modelling in scientific research and how scientists have tried to address ...


Rabbit immunity

This 6 minute video segment from Catalyst covers a range of biological concepts associated with the history, impacts and methods of control of the introduced rabbit in Australia.

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What have we got here: feral goats

This three and a half minute snapshot video looks at the environmental impacts of feral goats in the western NSW region of the Murray-Darling Basin. The video looks at the problems created by the estimated 2.5 million feral goats in western NSW such as native vegetation destruction, soil compaction and erosion. It explains ...