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Workman operating paper press machine at Australian Paper Mills, c1950

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a workman operating a paper press machine at the Australian Paper Mills. The workman, wearing stained white overalls, stands in front of a long stand of large rollers. Above the machinery is what appears to be a system to extract fumes. In the foreground ...


Australian Paper Mills workmen operating paper-making machine, c1950

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting three men operating a Walmsleys (Bury) Limited paper-manufacturing machine at the Australian Paper Mills at Fairfield in Victoria. The men are standing beside machines that appear to be making long sheets of white paper, which are collected into rolls. ...


Sheep ready for shearing, Swan Hill, 1959

This is a black-and-white image depicting four men herding a group of sheep into a shearing pen on a Swan Hill farm. The photograph is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of photographs at Museum Victoria. Its dimensions are: width, 103 mm x height: 100 mm.


Man shearing sheep, Swan Hill, 1959

This is a black-and-white image depicting a male shearer using electric shears to shear a sheep. It was taken in a shearing shed on a farm in Swan Hill, Victoria, and is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial photographs at Museum Victoria. The photograph's dimensions are: width, 103 mm x height, 100 mm.


Letter to Flight Lieutenant Graham Conning from Corporal Alan Jenkins, 15 July 1945

This is a five-page letter, handwritten in ink on Japanese tissue paper ruled with red lines. Each page is landscape format and has a bold, red border with two kanji characters (Japanese script) printed in red at left above and three below. Each sheet measures 18 cm long x 25.2 cm wide.


Skycraft Scout Mark 1, microlight aircraft, 1976-78

This is a blue microlight (ultralight) aircraft. Its frame is made of extruded alloy sections braced with stainless steel, stranded wire. The flying and control surfaces are made of Dacron (strong polyester) with batons inserted for greater rigidity. The aircraft is powered by a two-stroke aero-engine and is fitted with ...


Slaves using a cotton gin, 1869

This is a black-and-white illustration captioned 'The first cotton gin'. It shows how the US artist William L Sheppard imagined the scene of the first gin in operation, some 80 years after the actual event. Sheppard depicts two male slaves operating the machine with two white men examining the ginned cotton while female ...


'In the cotton field', 1863

This is a colour lithographic card showing three slaves picking cotton. Two men are using large bags to carry the cotton while a female slave is using a basket. The card was number one in a collectible series of 12 album cards entitled 'The slave in 1863. A thrilling series of the great evil.' produced by US artist Henry ...


'Picking cotton on a Georgia plantation', 1858

This is a black-and-white engraving showing a group of African American slaves - men, women and children - harvesting cotton in the fields of a plantation in Georgia, USA. The slaves are placing the cotton into bags around their waist or carried over one shoulder, and into large baskets. One slave is carrying a filled basket ...

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Lip balm from sheep wool

Learn about the science behind lip balm. Find out about the special properties of lanolin, a natural product obtained from the fleece of sheep, and how it is used in the cosmetics industry.

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Cotton on to why the Aral Sea is disappearing

The Aral Sea began to disappear after rivers were diverted to provide water for cotton irrigation schemes in Central Asia. In this clip you will learn why past governments made significant environmental modifications in this region.


Speedo swimwear, 1992

This is a colour advertisement for Speedo swimwear produced in 1992. It shows a female swimmer from the US swimming team wearing a Speedo costume and adjusting her goggles before a race. The headline is 'THE SPEEDO - S2000'. The body copy is made up of a number of bullet points providing information about the unique qualities ...

Interactive resource


This learning object provides simple animations that illustrate the nature of paper, water and the structure of the atom. There is a self test and also ideas for further research. These are accompanied by a timeline of discoveries about the atom, and a pdf document ‘Nanotechnology’. The object requires Adobe Flash Player ...

Interactive Resource

Who wants to be a cotton millionaire?

This interactive game is about innovation in textile production in Britain in the 19th century. It focuses on the changes in the manufacturing of cotton, which shifted from the home to the factory with the advent of the steam engine. Students assume the role of advisor to a businessman who wants to manufacture cotton and ...

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Spinning mill animation

This resource is about spinning mills in 19th-century Britain. The animation shows how a spinning mill used line shafting to spin cotton. Students read text material, then view the stages of line shafting: coal-fired furnaces produce steam, which passes through the valves and powers the piston rod; the piston rod transfers ...


Envirostories: the farmer changes his ways

This is an ebook about a farmer who changes the way he produces cotton and manages his farm. Intended for a lower to mid primary school audience, the ebook was written by Ethan Campbell, a year 6 student in 2012 at a country New South Wales school. The author uses a before and after storyline, supported by colourful illustrations, ...


Envirostories: the new farm

This is an ebook relating the story of how Farmer Frank follows the advice of his children Polly and Fin to select environmentally friendly fertilisers and use only the prescribed amount on the cotton crop at their new farm. Intended for a lower primary school audience and including colourful children's illustrations, the ...


Envirostories: my life on a sheep farm

This is an ebook about sheep and wool production on an Australian sheep farm near Euchareena in New South Wales. Intended for a mid to upper primary school audience, the book was written by Alan Wykes, a sheep farmer's son who was a year 6 student at a local school in 2012. It includes information on the farm's Merino rams; ...

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How to grow a pair of jeans

This is a slideshow for primary students that traces the steps in cotton production and processing from seeds to jeans. The ten slides in the show use photographs and relatively simple text to cover ground preparation for the cotton crop; seed planting; irrigation and the efficient use of water by Australian cotton farmers; ...

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The Australian cotton story

This is a nine-minute video about cotton cultivation in Australia and cotton's importance for Australians. Intended for a mid to upper primary school audience, it depicts a family sowing, irrigating, spraying and harvesting cotton on their farm at Dalby, Queensland. It also illustrates the life cycle of the cotton plant ...