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Shark teeth

This is an information sheet about different types of fossil shark teeth that are occasionally found on Victorian beaches. It is also available as a one-page pdf file for download.


Sustainable table: fishy business

This is a website about the key issues affecting the world seafood industry, with a particular focus on the development of a more sustainable one. There are sections on the current industry; 'more' and 'less' sustainable species; consumer behaviour; the key issues; suggestions to achieve a sustainable seafood industry; ...

Interactive resource

Flow of energy: seagrass

Use this tool to create a diagram that shows the flow of energy within a seagrass ecosystem. Select and position appropriate items of a food chain, symbols, lines and text boxes to build an energy diagram. You can use the images from the tool or import your own images.


Dr John Long, winner of science prize for Gogo fossil discovery in 2005

This photograph shows Dr John Long, who won the 2008 Australasian Science Prize for his discovery of a 375-million-year-old fossil and embryo in 2005.


'Gogonasus' fossil discovery and animal evolution

This is a pictorial reconstruction of the now-extinct 'Gogonasus', an ancient fish whose discovery may have implications for the history of animal evolution.


Reproduction in ancient fish

This information sheet describes the results of study by Museum Victoria scientists of 380-million-year-old fossil fish from Gogo, Western Australia. It outlines discoveries relating to how these early fish reproduced. It includes an animation showing how mating occurred.


Fish fossils from Gogo

This is an information sheet describing some of the fish fossils found at Gogo, Western Australia.


Gogo fish fossil site

This information sheet provides information about Museum Victoria’s fossil-hunting expeditions to Gogo in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.


Fossil mother fish

This is an information sheet that tells the story of the discovery of a fossil fish that is the world's oldest vertebrate mother. Also available is an animation showing the mother fish giving birth and a video of Dr John Long describing the find, how the fossils are prepared, and their significance.


Video of mother fish, embryo and birth

This is an animation demonstrating the location of the fossilised bones of the embryo inside the specimen mother fish found at Gogo in northern Western Australia. It also shows the mother fish swimming and giving birth.


Dr John Long talking about the Gogo fossil mother fish

This video shows Dr John Long of Museum Victoria speaking about the fossil fish 'Materpiscis attenboroughi', found at Gogo Station in Western Australia. He describes the process of extracting the fossils from the rock and the importance of the discoveries at Gogo.


Blue cod, 'Parapercis colias'

This is a colour underwater photograph of a blue cod ('Parapercis colias'), showing its bright blue colouration. The image mostly displays the front part of the cod, especially the head with its large eyes and lips. (Classification - Phylum: Chordata; Class: Actinopterygii; Order: Perciformes; Family: Pinguipedidae.)

Moving Image

Curbing the carp population

Find out why European carp fish are called 'river rabbits' in Australia. Listen to how they came to Australia and what makes them such a pest now.Discover how a local entrepreneur is exploiting the new resource while scientists are doing their best to cap the carp population explosion.

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Observing a shark

Don Spencer shows us one of the world's most fearsome creatures, the white pointer shark. Take a close look at the shark's teeth and jaws. Discover how the shark moves so quickly underwater.

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Peter Rowsthorn visits Melbourne Aquarium to answer the question 'Do male seahorses give birth to their young?' Discover the answer as a marine expert describes Syngnathids, a unique family of fish. Learn what makes the seahorse and the sea dragon so unusual in the marine animal world.

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Breathing under the water

What would it be like to breathe under water? See the equipment humans use to help them swim under water. Find out about the special features fish have that help them 'breathe' under water.

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Ways to catch and eat fish

Discover the many ways that people eat fish. Watch how the fish called tuna are caught and made ready for sale. Find out how some tuna is farmed and how the tuna farmer meets the needs of these tuna.

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A song about 'Aussie sharks'

Do you know any songs about Australian animals? Listen to this song about sharks performed by Don Spencer. Watch some sharks as they roam the ocean.

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Fish - from ocean to table

Have you ever eaten fish for dinner? This clip tells the story of how fish come from the sea to your plate. See how fish are caught, bought and sold. Watch a fish being cut into fillets and find out what happens to the bits we don't eat.

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Indigenous eel farming

Discover a method for catching eels while watching how archaeologist Dr Heather Builth works scientifically, at Lake Condah to determine whether the Gunditjmara community were truly nomadic or used advanced farming techniques to support their way of life.