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Teacher resource

NALSSP stage 6: connected classes in languages

This National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) resource is a PDF that discusses using technologically connected classes for senior secondary language studies. It describes two models: 1, the host-school teacher teaches students from their own school face-to-face and students from a second school remotely; ...

Moving Image

ICT in an open learning space

This short online video is a National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP) resource for teachers of Japanese, and language teachers in general. It discusses the flexible delivery of educational software: how a year 9 Japanese language teacher, working in an open-plan school with no ICT infrastructure, ...

Teacher resource

Flexible delivery of mathematics

This clip highlights a number of different initiatives that the mathematics coordinator has implemented to encourage the connectedness of mathematics in the classroom to the outside world. He has done this by introducing a number of outside professionals with mathematics experience to promote mathematics to students and ...

Teacher resource

Engaging through ICT

A highly accomplished year 9 teacher demonstrates how he uses a blog and video tutorials to engage students and support his colleagues. The teacher uses professional photo-retouching software to engage students in exploring representations of women in the media and present multiple avenues for students to learn at their ...