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The Dance of the Eyes, c1940: 'The rustle of tropical palms'

This black-and-white clip shows a traditional Balinese dance, which the narrator calls 'The dance of the eyes', accompanied by a gamelan orchestra. The clip cuts between shots of women performing, showing the complex movements of the dancers, and the musicians. A rather stilted narration describes the intricacies of the ...


'Pacifica: Tales from the South Seas' - episode 1, 1993

These are two clips of television documentary footage describing the effect that the arrival of missionaries had upon traditional ways of living on Cook Island. It also includes a story about the survival of fishermen on a boat from Kiribati that was lost at sea but after three months, safely returned home. The clips come ...


Every dance tells a story

This online library provides teachers with links to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dance performers, organisations, festivals and programs.