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Listed under:  Society  >  Citizenship  >  Civil rights  >  Freedom of the press
Moving Image

Rise of a media mogul: Rupert Murdoch, 1967

What does it take to become a media mogul? The name of Rupert Murdoch, one of Australia's most successful businesspeople, has been a significant feature of the media industry since the early 1950s. In this clip, listen to Murdoch explain his plans to expand his media holdings across Australia and see how he was perceived ...

Teacher resource

Democracy and the media - a unit of work

This unit of work for middle and upper secondary students explores the role of the media in democratic societies and examines some of the limitations on free speech and freedom of the press. Through five activities students are challenged to think about the relationships between democracy and the media, media ownership ...


Australia's 5th column, 1941 - asset 1

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white 1941 propaganda documentary with soundtrack. The documentary is entitled 'Australia's 5th column', and it concerns the threat to Australia during the Second World War of the 'fifth column' (internal subversive agents). This excerpt section begins with lengthy intertitles set against ...


Vietnam, 1988: The war is the news

This clip, from a television miniseries, shows Douglas Goddard (Barry Otto), his wife Evelyn (Victoria Lang) and daughter Megan (Nicole Kidman) in the living room of their home watching a black-and-white television news broadcast of the war in Vietnam. The broadcast depicts violent scenes, including a South Vietnamese police ...


Shadow Play, 2001: 'Not a slaughter'

This clip shows separate footage of Frank Palmos, Don North and Roland Challis, Australian, US and British foreign correspondents respectively, who were based in Indonesia in the 1960s. They relate the difficulties they faced in filing or having published their reports about political killings in Indonesia during this period. ...


Headlines Through History

How have big events in Australian history been reported in newspapers and magazines? Newspapers and magazines inform, manipulate, frustrate and entertain us. In them we can find the heroes and villains of the day, fact and opinion, and the aspirations of previous generations of Australians. Before the internet, newspapers ...