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Bookmaker's indicator board, 1947

This is a bookmaker's indicator board, an apparatus for the display of betting odds, comprising four die-cast metal pieces joined to form an indicator board that is rectangular in shape and painted green. It was manufactured by Diecasters Australia in 1947. There is provision for a total of 12 names, each having a corresponding ...


My Place - Episode 8: 1938: Colum, The Shadow

The Shadow is a famous a comic character, popular at this time with children. The character and his adventures were made into a radio play that was broadcast as a serial each week. Colum and Thommo are calculating how much they need to win on the Melbourne Cup to guarantee that Thommo's family will not be evicted from their home.


My Place - Episode 8: 1938: Colum, Punting

Colum and Thommo are collecting bets from their neighbours on horses in the 1938 Melbourne Cup. They present these bets to Mr O'Sullivan, the local shopkeeper. Colum and Thommo hope to win big in order to save Thommo's family from eviction.

Moving Image

My Place - Episode 19: 1828: Alice, The bets

Alice is training her piglet Wilhelmina for the pig race but is unable to convince any of the local workers to bet any money on her. Freddie the bookie is concerned at the thought of losing money as most of the locals have bet on Oink, the favourite.


'Jack and Jill' cartoon by Judy Horacek, 1992

This cartoon by Judy Horacek takes a feminist perspective on the nursery rhyme 'Jack and Jill'. In the cartoon Jack is falling down the hill and saying 'C'mon Jill'. Jill remains at the top of the hill and replies, 'The women's movement has completely passed you by hasn't it Jack?' The cartoon measures 297 mm x 210 mm. ...


'Cemetery of women' cartoon by Judy Horacek, 1995

This cartoon by Judy Horacek is about the ways in which women's identities and achievements can be buried under gender-stereotyped roles. It features tombstones with epitaphs such as 'What's-her-name: a good wife'; 'R.I.P. She did a good roast'; No one ironed like Mum'; 'Daughter of / Wife of / Mother of'; 'You could eat ...


'Damn feminists' cartoon by Judy Horacek, 1997

This cartoon by Judy Horacek subverts gender stereotypes in fairytales. In the cartoon a princess stands on top of a defeated dragon, holding the lance that she used to kill it. A knight rides by, thinking 'Damn feminists'. The cartoon measures 297 mm x 210 mm. It was first published in 1997 in the journal 'Women against ...

Teacher resource

Twentieth-century representations of women - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains how the teaching of visual literacy took place within a unit exploring the representation of women in magazines across the twentieth century. It includes a unit of work developed and trialled by a teacher.


Chequerboard Revisited - I Reckon I'm An Average Australian, 2000: I’m my father’s son

This clip from 'Chequerboard Revisited' shows scenes in black and white from a 1974 'Chequerboard' program that includes an interview with husband Kevin at the dinner table and wife Margaret ironing, juxtaposed with a colour interview with Kevin in 2000 reflecting back on that period of time. Their children respond to the ...


Chequerboard Revisited - I Reckon I'm An Average Australian, 2000: The past is another country

This clip shows formerly married couple Kevin and Margaret in 2000 living their separate lives, 30 years after they were first interviewed for the 'Chequerboard' program. Interviewed in their house, Margaret's new husband talks with warmth about Margaret's qualities and their relationship of 17 years. Kevin, interviewed ...


Forbidden Lie$, 2007: Beyond belief

This clip presents two Jordanian experts on 'honour' killing presenting evidence that Norma Khouri's book 'Forbidden Love', which claims to be the true story of an 'honour' killing in Jordan, is a fabrication. The clip begins with the voice of one of the experts, a journalist who campaigns against 'honour' killing, saying ...


Green Tea and Cherry Ripe, 1989: Between Japan and Australia

This clip features Chiaki Foster, a Japanese 'war bride', reflecting on aspects of her life, intercut with interviews with her husband and daughter and scenes of her playing bingo. She and her husband speak with regret about the decision not to teach their children Japanese. Her daughter says that in the past her mother ...


General Motors Holden - The Time Is Now, 1966

This clip shows a black-and-white television advertisement for the General Motors-Holden's 1966 HR sedan. An aerial shot closes in on a bikini-clad young woman on a beach. In a dream-like scenario she sits up to see a Holden car on the shore. She runs to it, and as she gets closer the car is shown from various angles. Inside, ...


General Motors Holden - Range of Products, c1958

This black-and-white clip shows an advertisement for the wide range of products, vehicles and equipment manufactured by General Motors-Holden's (GMH) and its subsidiaries. A narration accompanies scenes of GMH cars in a suburban street, GMH domestic appliances, its Dandenong factory producing parts for its subsidiary NASCO ...


General Motors Holden - Saturday Kind of Car, 1967

This black-and-white clip shows a 1967 television advertisement for the Holden HR station sedan. The clip opens with a paper boy delivering The Age newspaper to a suburban family home on a Saturday morning, followed by scenes of family errands and activities carried out using the family Holden car - grocery shopping, taking ...


Helping our heroes, 1918

This is an extract from the 367th edition of the silent newsreel, 'Australasian Gazette', filmed and screened in 1918. The extract shows men and women of the Randwick Volunteer Workers Association clearing land intended for servicemen returning from the First World War. It also shows the women serving the men with cups ...


The judging of Miss Australia 1926

This is a still image from the silent era documentary film, 'The search for Miss Australia 1927'. It shows one of the entrants in the 1926 competition, Ivy MacKay, in a swimsuit, making a dramatic gesture in her appearance on stage in front of the seven judges of the Miss Australia Quest competition.


Dinner at Northcote School

This is an excerpt from 'Northcote School', a silent colour film made in 1950 about the Northcote Farm School at Glenmore in Victoria, which was established in 1937 to house child migrants from Great Britain. The Northcote Farm School consisted of small group homes headed by 'cottage mothers', and this excerpt depicts dinnertime ...


Anzac Day in Gundagai in 1920 - asset 1

This is an excerpt from documentary footage, which shows a crowd of people in Gundagai, New South Wales, on Anzac Day in 1920. They have lined up for the camera and, as the camera pans across them, some people begin to sit on the grass.


Anzac Day in Gundagai in 1920 - asset 2

This is a short excerpt from a documentary about Gundagai's welcome home for the soldiers of Gundagai and surrounding districts returning from the First World War, filmed on Anzac Day in 1920. The excerpt shows a small crowd who have gathered, possibly at Gundagai's local hospital, to watch or take part in a two-up game.