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Interactive resource

Samurai castle: Shogun [Japanese]

Retrieve the precious treasures locked up in the Shogun's castle. Solve kanji puzzles to elude the Samurai, explore the castle grounds and find the three Keys that unlock the treasure room of the castle. Identify kanji with similar components to pass unseen through guarded checkpoints. Recognise components of kanji and ...

Assessment resource

Toby jigsaw puzzle: assessment

Test your ability to complete a 2D jigsaw puzzle of twelve pieces. Look carefully at a photo of a puppy, then reassemble the picture by moving puzzle pieces and rotating them if necessary. Complete the puzzle in the fastest possible time, the least number of moves and without looking at the reference picture.


Playing cards from the 'Hong Hai', 1978

This is an image of a deck of homemade playing cards used on the 'Hong Hai', a fishing boat which carried Vietnamese 'boat people' (refugees) to Australia in 1978.


Gold diggings board game, c1855

This is a set of items relating to a children's board game, made in England in about 1855, called 'Race to the gold diggings of Australia'. Items shown are a hand-coloured, lithographed game sheet mounted on linen; a printed rule card; pieces in the shape of ships for six players; a nine-sided teetotum and two dice. The ...


Zoological garden paper theatre, 1860-70

This is a toy paper theatre with a zoological-garden theme. It was probably made in Germany during the decade 1860-70. The set includes 46 separate cardboard cut-outs (some shown) depicting various parts of a zoological garden. Each has been printed lithographically in monochrome and then handpainted using aniline dyes. ...


Apple IIGS software game - 'Chessmaster 2100', 1988

These are two 3/12-inch floppy disks containing the Apple IIGS software game 'Chessmaster 2100'. The disk on the left is labelled 'Disk 1', the right 'Disk 2'. The rest of the text on the labels is identical, and reads in part: 'THE FIDELITY / CHESSMASTER / 2100 / Apple / IIGS'. On the right side of the label is the horse-and-cart ...


Newspaper football, mid-1980s

This is a paper football made from a newspaper that has been folded and then tied. It was made at Carlton North Primary School in the mid-1980s and is an example of a homemade football created by children from readily available materials. This object is part of the Australian Children's Folklore Collection held at Museum ...


Braille domino set, c1940

Handmade at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind (now Vision Australia), this Braille domino set is designed for people with a visual impairment.


Braille mah-jong set, 1936

Made with Braille characters on their tiles, this mah-jong set was designed for use by the visually impaired. it is 35.50 cm long, 18.50 cm wide and 12.50 cm high.


'A motor ride' board game, 1930-50

This is an Australian-made and -designed board game for two, three or four players called 'A motor ride'. It was made by The National Game Company of Ballarat and Melbourne between 1930 and 1950. The game comprises a hinged board, instruction sheet (not shown), four coloured wooden counters, a die and cylindrical cardboard ...


Members of Diaz and Poncell families playing 'Ring a ring o' rosies', 1980

This is a family photograph from 1980 showing Pablo and Pamela Diaz and Maureen and Alberto Poncell playing 'Ring a ring o' rosies' at the Poncells' house in Alphington, Melbourne.


Dorothy Howard Collection in the Australian Children's Folklore archive, 1954-55

This item is a box of index cards arranged alphabetically, with two shown prominently - one handwritten, one typed on a typewriter. It is an example of items from the Dorothy Howard Collection, part of the Australian Children's Folklore Collection (ACFC) archive, ACFC Series 3. Dr Dorothy Howard came to Australia in 1954-55 ...


Aboriginal children's play, oral history project in the Australian Children's Folklore Collection, 1991-97

This item consists of an open photograph album and some audio cassette tapes containing interviews. These were collected between as part of a 1991-97 Aboriginal Children's Play oral history project. The project investigated games, rhymes, recollections and descriptions of childhood play by Koori adults and children living ...


'Skippy' game and memorabilia, 1968-70

This is a collection of 'Skippy, the bush kangaroo' memorabilia. It includes a 'Skippy' board game, made by John Sands and Fauna Productions, Australia, in 1968-70. The game is pictured with its instructions and its cardboard box, which is illustrated with a picture of Skippy and the character Sonny in front of the ranger ...


Young women playing cards with a US serviceman, 1944

This is a black-and-white photograph showing Pauline Leibig, Norma Knox (nee Leibig) and some of their friends playing cards with a US serviceman in the dining room of the Leibig family home in the Melbourne suburb of West Preston in 1944.


Ball made from rubber bands, 1989

This is a rubber-band ball made by Nerrida Colelough at the Children's Museum 'You're IT!' exhibition held in Melbourne in 1989. It is a replica of a rubber-band ball she made and played with about 1980 from rubber bands supplied by her uncle, a post-office worker. This object is part of the Australian Children's Folklore ...


Fortune teller (chatterbox/chimper-chomper) made from paper, 1992

This is a paper fortune teller, also known as a chatterbox or chimper-chomper. It is a children's game made of a paper square folded into the three-dimensional shape like that seen here, usually with colours marked on the outside and numbers on the visible innner surface. This item clearly bears the colours and words blue ...

Moving Image

Create your own card game

Grab a deck of cards and a bunch of friends and create your own card game. What sort of rules will you decide on? Get a pen and some paper out and brainstorm some possibilities. You might decide on something like 'If I draw a red card, I get a point' and 'If I draw a black card, you get a point.' What other rules can you ...

Teacher resource

Making games

This resource is a 13-page web-based slide show on ‘Making Games’ from the arts section of the ‘Asia Kids Society’ website. The slide show features images of board games invented in Asia with accompanying descriptions. The slide show explores various ancient games, including: The Gingerbread Baby Board Game, The Game of ...


My Place - Episode 13: 1888: Victoria, Children's games

Victoria and her siblings are playing 'blind man's bluff' at the tree. She finds a marble, which is claimed by her neighbour, Alexandra Owen, who lives in the big house. Victoria's family is building a new house but it is no match for Alexandra's, whose family who have lived in this place for a long time.