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Listed under:  Gardening

Fletcher family working in vegetable garden, Sandringham, 1930s

This is a black-and-white photograph showing the Fletcher family at their home 'Sunnyside' in Sandringham. Amelia Fletcher, Jim Fletcher and their daughter Emily Brearley are tending to the family's vegetable garden. This photograph was taken by the Fletcher's son, Stanley, in the 1930s. The image is a digital scan of the ...


Calculate your compost

Watch this clip and learn how to make the best use of your fruit and vegie scraps. What are the three uses Costa suggests? JP Williamson says that, on average, households produce 2.3kg of compostable food waste per week. Can you use this figure to calculate how much food waste your street produces each week? Using your ...


Creatures in the garden

See creepy crawly creatures as you've never seen them before. Discover how important wild creatures are to the health of gardens. Find out how you can entice a wide variety of creatures to a garden you know well!


Dyeing eggs at Easter time

Are there special occasions during the year that your family celebrates? What do you do to celebrate? Watch this clip to learn how to make colourful, dyed eggs, a traditional Greek Easter activity. How are the colourful dyes made? And what is the traditional game that is played with the eggs on Easter Saturday? Why don't ...


Life lessons in a living classroom

Secondary school students are taking their lessons outside in a productive garden, and both students and environment are reaping the benefits. Explore this living classroom and find out how the kids are transforming the land and the land is transforming the kids. You might even be inspired to establish your very own productive ...