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Victa Razor lawnmower, 2004

These is a 2004 Victa Razor lawnmower with a Victa VSX160 two-stroke petrol engine. The lawnmower has an alloy chassis and a blue plastic catcher with grey-and-black trim. 'VICTA' is printed in black on each side of the catcher and printed in grey between the front wheels.


Cox Stockman lawn tractor, 2005

This is a red and grey Cox Stockman 2005 ride-on lawn mower, manufactured from mixed materials by Cox Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd, Queensland. It features four black rubber tyres, an internal steel chassis, front-mounted engine, mid-mounted seat and driver control area and rear-drive axle. The external body is made mostly ...


Victa Mustang lawnmower with Eco Torque engine, 2007

This is a 2007 Victa Mustang lawnmower. It has a grey alloy chassis and a black-and-grey plastic catcher. 'VICTA' is embossed in black on each side of the catcher and in between the front wheels. The mower is operated by a Victa VEX60 two-stroke Eco Torque petrol engine. The engine cover is black-and-red plastic. The mower ...


Hay mower, c1930-55

This is a hay mower, manufactured from timber and metal by H V McKay-Massey Harris Pty Ltd, Sunshine. The mower comprises an iron frame and cast-iron wheels with raised lugs on the outer surface. A long piece of hardwood with an iron ring on one end is used to attach the mower to the horses; the wood is bolted to the other ...


Kodak factory tennis court and garden in Abbotsford, pre-1948

This is a black-and-white photograph of a fenced tennis court and adjacent gardens at the Kodak factory site in Abbotsford, Melbourne, taken some time before 1948. The view is from the court looking east toward the Yarra River. Just outside the court are garden beds, trees, lawn, a rubbish bin and garden seats. The tall ...


Dorothy and Shirley Hick playing with sprinkler, back garden, Northcote, 1949

This is a black-and-white photograph of Dorothy Hick and her sister Shirley playing under the sprinkler in the backyard of their family home in Northcote, Melbourne, in 1949. The two girls, wearing woollen bathers, are standing getting wet from the sprinkler, which is also watering the lawn. Behind them is a lush garden ...


Judy Schlesinger and friends in backyard wading pool, Kew, 1954

This is a black-and-white photograph of Judy Schlesinger, Vivien (surname unknown) and an unknown boy in a rectangular canvas wading pool in the backyard of the Schlesinger's family home in Kew, Melbourne, in 1954. A couple of other young children can be seen at the edge of the photograph. The garden behind the children ...


James and Peter Clough playing with water, Brighton East, 1976

This colour photograph features James and Peter Clough playing with water in their backyard at Brighton East, 1976. One brother is sitting in a tub of water while the other is carrying a hose.


Gerald Brocklesby jumping over rotating sprinkler, Blackburn, 1953

This black-and-white photograph features Gerald Brocklesby jumping over a sprinkler in the back garden of his family home at Blackburn in 1953.


Magic lantern glass slide, Kew Gardens, late 19th century

This is a glass slide for use in a magic lantern projector. It is a tinted colour photograph of Kew Gardens in Kew, England, and it was made in the late 19th century.


Hand-drawn plan for water efficient garden, 1999

This is a plan hand-drafted by designer Wendy van Dok in 1999. It is a landscape plan for her own water efficient garden, and includes a large plant list featuring many drought-tolerant Australian native species. The plan, which is part of the Water Smart Home Collection at Museum Victoria, is 570 mm in width by 390 mm in height.


Preliminary sketch for water efficient garden, 1999

This is a preliminary sketch of a water efficient, drought-tolerant domestic garden design. It was hand-drafted by Wendy van Dok in 1999. The sketch, like the final plan, is part of the Water Smart Home Collection at Museum Victoria. It is 447 mm wide and 250 mm high.


'Helpful hints for waterwise gardeners' booklet, South East Water, 2004

This is a 20-page booklet called 'Helpful hints for waterwise gardeners', published in 2004 by South East Water and the Nursery and Garden Industry Association of Victoria. The cover shown here features a photograph of a newly purchased native plant being held by a smiling young girl. The booklet is part of the Water Smart ...


'You can water your garden' card, 2004

This is a colour card published and distributed by the Nursery and Garden Industry Association, Victoria. It provides information about Stage 2 water restrictions in Melbourne, which were current until 1 March 2005. On the reverse side, it lists the 'permanent water savings measures' effective from 1 March 2005. The card ...


My Place - Episode 6: 1958: Michaelis, A Greek garden

Michaelis and his father are working in their garden when Janis reminds Michaelis that it is time for 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' on TV. When his mother comes to congratulate her husband and son on their work in the garden, she realises that the baby is coming.


Bob-a-Job Week in 1966

This is a coloured photograph from 1966, showing three Scouts in a suburban street performing garden tasks - mowing grass, sweeping a path and making a neat edge.


Rabbit fumigator, Orange, 1966

This is a black-and-white photograph taken at the Australian National Field Days show in Orange, New South Wales, in October 1966. A demonstration is being given of a 'Deckson' rabbit fumigator. Exhaust fumes from the machine are being fed into a simulated rabbit warren at one entrance and emerging as smoke at another. ...


Victa rotary lawnmower, c1953

This is a colour photograph of an early model Victa rotary lawnmower. The mower's wheels can be seen at either side of its circular base, which covers the rotating cutting blades. The cylindrical motor, starting spindle and petrol tank are attached to the top of the mower's base. The name 'Victa' is clearly visible on a ...


Victa advertising leaflet, 1955

This is a black-and-white with green advertisement for the Victa lawnmower from 1955. The top half of the advertisement is taken up by text. The Victa logo, in an early form, features prominently, as does a black text box with the price in large white type. The left of the picture, taking up the length of the page, shows ...


Victa advertising leaflet, 1957 - asset 1

This is a black-and-white with green advertising leaflet for Victa lawnmowers from 1957. It contains several paragraphs of text describing the features and advantages of the product. To the left of the text is a photograph of a smiling woman, wearing shorts, sandals and lipstick, using the mower. The text above her says, ...