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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Living things  >  Eukaryotes  >  Animals  >  Chordates  >  Vertebrates  >  Reptiles  >  Lizards  >  Geckos
Interactive resource

Di mana cicak?

Place eight geckos in the correct location on a grid. Listen to and read the clues for each gecko. Predict each gecko's position in relation to other geckos by noting the adjectives and location terms used in the clues. At the end of each game, read interesting facts about geckos. There are three levels of difficulty.


Decorative tile, c1980

This is a decorative tile of red and brown enamel on metal with a clear glaze. It depicts a Mäori motif based on rock art from the Opihi River area of South Canterbury, on the east coast of the South Island, New Zealand. It shows five dogs and a human form at the head of a dominant central image of a stylised taniwha or ...

Teacher resource

Di mana cicak: teacher resource

This resource has teacher notes and assessment ideas to support the classroom use of the Indonesian LOTE learning object Di mana cicak?. The resource includes a profile of the expected student user, a description of the learning object, printable worksheets, extension activities, and lists of further resources related to ...