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Interactive Resource

Languages online: Chinese part 03: family members - basic vocabulary

This set of interactive activities from the Languages online resource encourages students to develop the basic vocabulary of family members and simple introductions. The activities cover the different terms for maternal and paternal grandparents and for older and younger siblings, and illustrate how gender is represented ...

Interactive Resource


This is a set of interactive activities about Italian nouns, specifically their 'genere' and 'numero' (the concepts of gender and number). It uses essential vocabulary that has been introduced in previous units.


Ordinal numbers 1st-10th

This collection of digital and printable resources introduces the ordinal numbers first to tenth. It provides drills for pronunciation and written reproduction, with a focus on differentiating the use of feminine and masculine nouns. Translations, solutions and vocabulary flashcards are also provided. This is section 10 ...

Moving Image

La mappa misteriosa: episode 1 - Who are you?

This is episode 1 of a 12-episode video series for Italian language students. Based in Bologna and surroundings, the story follows Renata and her nephew Marco while they try to solve the mystery of a map that leads to a secret 'recipe'. The video sets the scene in the historical centre of Bologna. The episode starts off ...

Interactive Resource

La mappa misteriosa: episode 1 - vocabulary and grammar

This is a collection of interactive tutorials and activities that focus on the Italian vocabulary and grammar at the centre of episode 1 of 'La mappa misteriosa'. They cover words for greetings and ordering drinks, the numbers one to five, grammatical gender, conjugation, and the verbs 'parlare' and 'essere'. The interactive ...