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Listed under:  Society  >  Citizenship  >  Politics  >  Human rights  >  Social equity  >  Gender equality

Magic wand - symbolic icon for Women on Farms Gathering at Tallangatta, 1993

This is a 'magic wand' or 'speaker's baton' that was displayed at the 1993 Women on Farms Gathering, held in Tallangatta in north-east Victoria. The wand is cylindrical and transparent. Liquid and what appears to be glitter are visible inside it. Each end has a bright pink plastic tip. The wand has a length of 46.5 cm and ...


Irrigation shovel - symbolic icon for Women on Farms Gathering at Numurkah, 1992

This is an irrigation shovel that was displayed at the 1992 Women on Farms Gathering, held at Numurkah in northern Victoria. The shovel has a wooden handle. The blade of the shovel is rounded at one end and is quite rusty. The shovel's dimensions are 158.5 cm x (length) x 23.0 cm (width) x 4.0 cm (height).


Workboot - symbolic icon for Women on Farms Gathering at Warragul, 1999

This is an old workboot that was selected as an icon for the 1999 Women on Farms Gathering, held in Warragul in southern Victoria. The boot, which is very worn, is an ankle boot with elasticised sides. It is mottled brown and speckled with white markings. The brand name Blundstone is visible on the side of the heel. The ...


Lock and key - symbolic icon for Women on Farms Gathering at Yarram, 2003

This is a lock and key that were displayed at the 2003 Women on Farms Gathering held in Yarram, Victoria. The lock and key are of a traditional design and may be made of cast iron. The lock is open. Both are affixed to a framed wooden panel. On the panel is a small stainless steel plaque with the words 'Securing the future ...


Basket - symbolic icon for Women on Farms Gathering at Ararat, 1996

This is a large cane basket that was first displayed at the 1996 Women on Farms Gathering held in Ararat in south-western Victoria. The basket has a rectangular shape and is spanned by a curved handle. The dimensions of the basket are 44 cm (length) x 38 cm (width) x 48 cm (height).


Banner - symbolic icon for Women on Farms Gathering at Sea Lake, 1991

This is a banner created for and displayed at the second Women on Farms Gathering held at the rural town of Sea Lake in north-western Victoria in 1991. The banner was the first icon of the Gatherings and has been displayed at each subsequent Gathering. It features the text 'WOMEN ON FARMS GATHERING' in large green letters ...


Video of Yvonne Jennings talking about the Swan Hill Women on Farms Gathering, 2006-07

This is a video of Yvonne Jennings speaking about the Swan Hill Women on Farms Gathering held in 1995. Jennings, a member of the Women on Farms Gathering Heritage Committee, talks about how Swan Hill has transformed in the 15 years since the Gathering. She says that the Gathering brought together all of the women's groups ...


My Place - Episode 2: 1998: Mohammed, Ramadan

Mohammed's family is moving into their new house, owned by Michaelis. It is nearing Ramadan and at mealtime the family discusses whether Mohammed can participate this year.

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Towards equal pay for women, 1966

Should people receive equal pay for work of equal value? Australian women and the trade unions that supported them struggled long and hard to achieve equal pay under industrial awards. This 1966 ABC program comes from a period when the campaign was at its peak.

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Makeup and manners: roles for 12-year-old girls

How have society's expectations of young women changed in since the 1970s? This report from the ground-breaking current affairs program This Day Tonight provides an indication of the sorts of opportunities available to young women in the 70s.

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Do women's rights threaten men's domains?

Explore the attitudes of Australian men towards the rights of Australian women in the 1960s. Could women's rights threaten those of men's or were such fears typical of gender discrimination? This clip from 1965 investigates the reactions of Queensland men to the suggestion that women should be allowed to drink in public ...

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Women 'rattle the chains' in public bars

Imagine a time in the not too distant past when Australian women were not allowed to drink in public bars. Such gender discrimination was still enforced by law in Queensland in the 1960s. This clip from 1965 reports on an incident in which Merle Thornton and Rosalie Bogner defied the law by chaining themselves to a public ...

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Not a place for the 'gentler sex'

Why weren't women allowed to drink in the public bars of Queensland hotels in the 1960s? What social beliefs and attitudes would justify such a prohibition? This clip presents responses from a bar attendant and two politicians to a famous protest against the ban in 1965. The clip is third in a series of three.


Marion Scrymgour on being the first female Indigenous member of parliament, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of a Northern Territory politician, Marion Scrymgour (1960-), talking about becoming the first female Indigenous member of the NT Legislative Assembly. Scrymgour says that her 2001 election was a breakthrough for women, and particularly for Indigenous women. She says that before that election ...


No equal pay for female clerks in the Commonwealth Public Service, 1950

This document is the file copy of a letter dated 12 July 1950 about the treatment of female clerks in the Commonwealth public service, sent to Mrs Bessie Mabel Rischbieth by Mr F J McKenna, acting secretary of the prime minister's department. It informs her that female clerks do not receive the same salary as males because ...


'A shining example', 1920 - asset 8

This is an excerpt from the end of a 1920 black-and-white silent documentary made in Melbourne by Herschells Films titled 'A shining example.' A silverware salesman and two customers visiting a factory look on as a man buffs a silverplated teapot using a rotary wheel. Other silverware produced at the factory can be seen. ...


The Young One, 1995: What is a conductor?

This clip shows an orchestra playing and Simone Young conducting a rehearsal of the opera by Richard Wagner, 'Tristan and Isolde'. The whole orchestra is filmed from above and some individual players are shown in close-up. Simone Young instructs the orchestra, who in turn note her instructions on their scores. Two other ...


God's Girls - Stories from an Australian Convent, 1992: Today's nuns

This clip shows women from a Sisters of Mercy convent in country New South Wales, talking about their reasons for taking their vows and why, despite the challenges they face in today's society, they remain true to their vocation. In an interview intercut with archival film footage of a nun in the 1950s working in a professional ...


Caddie, 1976: 'Life's a bugger'

This clip shows barmaid Caddie (Helen Morse) ending an affair with SP bookmaker Ted (Jack Thompson) because he already has a girlfriend. The Norrises, with whom Caddie is boarding, ask her to find other accommodation because her two young children are too much trouble. On the tram home from work, barmaid Josie (Jacki Weaver) ...


Marion Scrymgour discusses representing Indigenous men, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of a Northern Territory politician, Marion Scrymgour, talking in July 2008 about representing the views of Indigenous men after she became the first Indigenous woman to be elected to the NT Legislative Assembly in 2001. Scrymgour says that she seeks to empower Indigenous men to take responsibility ...