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Snowy Mountains Scheme, 1989

This clip looks at the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme, which remains one of the greatest engineering feats in the world today. The clip is an excerpt from the documentary 'The Snowy: a dream of growing up', a Film Australia National Interest Program produced in 1989 in association with the Australian Broadcasting ...

Teacher resource

Charles Kingsford Smith: Hero of the air - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea describes how a year 5-6 teacher used the ‘Charles Kingsford Smith: Heroes of the air’ learning object in a unit on flight to inspire ESL students about the two historic flights made by Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew.


These American Tourists Leave Melbourne After Breakfast, c1926: Aircraft workshop

This silent black-and-white clip shows home-movie footage of DH50A biplanes being built by Qantas airlines in Longreach, Queensland, and US tourists embarking on a flight. In the first scene a series of pan shots and dissolves reveals a hangar where men make timber parts such as wing frames and assemble the aircraft. A ...


Robyn Williams talks on communicating science to the public, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of science journalist and broadcaster, Robyn Williams, talking about communicating science to the Australian public and the challenges of overcoming 'woeful ignorance' and 'tremendous confusion'. He suggests that the media and modern education hamper public understanding of science by encouraging ...


Ross Smith's flight from London to Australia, 1919: Approaching Sydney

This black-and-white silent clip shows footage of the approach towards Sydney of the Australian aviators Ross and Keith Smith and their crew in 1919, having successfully completed a flight from London to Australia, and the welcome they received on landing. The clip opens with two crew members looking at the scene ahead ...

Teacher resource

The me generation - unit of work

In this unit of work students explore what it means to be part of the 'me generation' through looking at identity, what defines the 'me generation', the influence of the media, advertising, new technology and social and political issues that are considered personally relevant. Students compare these influences and issues ...


Double Bay boutique, 1970

This is a photograph, probably taken in 1970 in a boutique in Double Bay, Sydney. It portrays two women, one of whom is admiring a dress on the rack. It shows part of the shop, its fittings and some of the wares for sale.


Wright brothers flying their 'Model A' plane, 1908

This is an excerpt from 'Flying', a black-and-white silent documentary about the history of flight, made in about 1927. The excerpt features the famous US pioneer aviators Wilbur and Orville Wright. The opening sequence shows the brothers' 'Model A' aeroplane at the Le Mans racing track in France in 1908, surrounded by ...


Ikara the Weapon Thrower, 1963: 'First flight trials'

This clip shows an aerial view of Woomera missile testing station, South Australia, where scaled down models of the Ikara missile are being tested in a variety of situations. The clip, which is in black and white and accompanied by a voice-over narration, ends with scenes showing further testing of Ikara at the Proof and ...


Smithy, 1946: Billy Hughes saves a life

This black-and-white clip shows Australian aviator Charles Kingsford Smith (played by actor Ron Randell) seeking support and approval to enter the 1919 inaugural England to Australia air race. In the first scene, he secures the support of the head of the British Blackburn Aeroplane and Motor Company. The clip then cuts ...


Smithy, 1946: 'They can see Australia!'

This black-and-white clip shows actors playing aviators Charles Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm on the final leg of their trans-Pacific flight in 1928. Their aircraft, the 'Southern Cross', is shown weathering a violent storm. The clip cuts to the Kingsford Smith home in Sydney, where his family are jubilant when they learn ...


Smithy, 1946: 'One of the most fantastic flights ever made'

This clip depicts events surrounding the first flight from Australia to the USA in 1934 by aviator Charles Kingsford Smith (Ron Randell). It opens with a newspaper report that Kingsford Smith is out of the Centenary air race and a pub scene in which a man doubts 'Smithy's' intentions to fly the race. Kingsford Smith and ...


The 7.30 Report - Orchestra Tunes into Mentor Program, 2005: Violins not guns

This clip shows two interviewees describing the multicultural community of Cabramatta in south-west Sydney and another working with young people. It opens with a street scene that includes the then New South Wales premier Bob Carr praising changed attitudes in the community. The scene shifts to Cabramatta High School where ...


Landmarks in aviation

This collection of digital curriculum resources comprising mostly archival footage and images explores aviation from a historical perspective. It is organised in seven categories - first flight by box kite; first controlled powered flights; flying across the English Channel; first flight from England to Australia, 1919; ...

Interactive resource

Heroes of the air

Explore two historic flights made by Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew. Examine flight logs including photographs and footage. Look at the flight path of the first Pacific crossing in 1928. Retrace the failed Trans-Tasman flight of 1935. Make your own newsreel about the achievements of Australia's early aviators. Recognise ...