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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Plant structure and function  >  Plant reproduction  >  Spores  >  Germination
Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Plant structure and function  >  Plant reproduction  >  Seeds  >  Germination

Germinating corn seed showing root hairs

The corn seed in this photograph is starting its germination process. At this early stage the yellow seed is only growing a main root. From this root thousands of fine root hairs are sprouting.



This is a collection of 15 digital curriculum resources about the flow of energy and matter in ecosystems. The collection comprises 13 images and 2 videos. Images identify producers found in various ecosystems and illustrate how typical terrestrial plants use sunlight to produce their own food. Other images show less familiar ...

Interactive resource

How temperature affects the rate of respiration

This interactive is a simulation of an experiment comparing the amount of oxygen consumed by germinating peas at two different temperatures. The data are displayed in a table and on a graph.

Interactive Resource

Sites2See: Garden materials to grow an idea

A page with links to a range of gardening and horticulture resources, including a video interview and tour with plant scientist Tim Entwistle and sites with planting guides and tips for vegetable gardening.