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Australian 'goldfields' brooch commissioned by Edward Austin, c1855

This is a rectangular rusticated wire framework brooch that features miniature copies of mining equipment. In the centre, a miner works a windlass and bucket above a sluice box. On either side is a crossed pick and shovel. The whole brooch is surrounded by a framework of leaves. It was made in about 1855.


The Australian Jockey Club's Sydney Gold Cup, 1950

This is a presentation cup, 'The Sydney Cup of 1950', manufactured from gold, wood, satin and velvet. The trophy consists of a covered gold cup attached to a dark-brown wooden base. The body of the cup is shaped like a tapering vase with fluting toward the bottom. The shining circular cover is slightly domed and finished ...


Marine phytoplankton diatom

This is a coloured scanning electron microscope photograph of 'Coscinodiscus' species, a marine phytoplankton diatom, magnified 600 times. The image shows the diatom's natural colours.


Bracelet, c1860

This is a very elaborate solid gold bracelet attributed to a leading colonial silversmith, Julius Schomburgk (1819-93), and made in Adelaide in about 1860. The central oval is in the form of a cameo, which consists of two finely crafted sculptures of kangaroos surrounded by rocks and overhanging trees and framed by a border ...


Mounted Great Exhibition medallion, c1860

This is a piece of commemorative silverware made in Adelaide around 1860 by Julius Schomburgk (1819-93) as an elaborate display stand to hold a presentation medal that was made in London in 1851. The central feature is a bronze medallion with a low-relief portrait of Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert, which ...


Sydney Cup, 1871

This is a presentation cup made in Sydney in 1871 by Christian Ludwig Qwist. Made of 22- and 18-carat gold, the two-handled oval-shaped 'Grecian' style cup is supported by a short stem on a round base and topped by an elongated, tapering neck crowned by a shallow lid and bud finial. The cup, which measures 25.5 cm (height) ...


'Moorish' style gold brooch, c1860

This is a gold brooch set with opals and emeralds, probably made in England in about 1860, and retailed by Hardy Brothers of Sydney, New South Wales. The main central unit of the brooch is a deeply scalloped and curved symmetrical form made in gold. Its surface is decorated with engraved floriate designs and its outer edges ...


Bangle by Henry Steiner, 1878-80

This is an 18-carat-gold bangle made by Henry Steiner (1835-1914) in 1878-80 in Adelaide, South Australia. It is a wide, oval band with a hinged clasp to the right. The manufacturer's stamp, seen inside the bangle reads 'H. STEINER ADELAIDE'. The text 'Soyons toujours unis / par un divin amour' appears in low relief calligraphic-style ...