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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Decorative arts  >  Art metalwork  >  Goldwork

Australian 'goldfields' brooch commissioned by Edward Austin, c1855

This is a rectangular rusticated wire framework brooch that features miniature copies of mining equipment. In the centre, a miner works a windlass and bucket above a sluice box. On either side is a crossed pick and shovel. The whole brooch is surrounded by a framework of leaves. It was made in about 1855.


The Australian Jockey Club's Sydney Gold Cup, 1950

This is a presentation cup, 'The Sydney Cup of 1950', manufactured from gold, wood, satin and velvet. The trophy consists of a covered gold cup attached to a dark-brown wooden base. The body of the cup is shaped like a tapering vase with fluting toward the bottom. The shining circular cover is slightly domed and finished ...


Marine phytoplankton diatom

This is a coloured scanning electron microscope photograph of 'Coscinodiscus' species, a marine phytoplankton diatom, magnified 600 times. The image shows the diatom's natural colours.