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Making a difference

This resource consists of four case studies which explore stories that illustrate issues of civics and citizenship at local, state, federal government and international levels. Students learn about active citizenship and plan their own, while covering content such as the Freedom Rides, Franklin Dam, Mabo, Wik and human rights.


Enid Lyons, 1939

This is a black-and-white photographic portrait showing Dame Enid Lyons in the year her husband, prime minister Joseph Lyons, died. At the time this photograph was taken she was 42 years old. She is wearing a formal dark-coloured top with a starched white collar, and her hair is brushed with two small curls on either side. ...


Letters Patent constituting the office of governor-general of Australia, 1900

This document, signed by Queen Victoria on 29 October 1900, established the office of the governor-general of Australia. Known as the 'Letters Patent', it comprises two large pages of parchment measuring 60 cm x 58 cm with an elaborately decorated border that includes the royal coat of arms and figures representing justice, ...


Inauguration of the Commonwealth, 1901: Signing oath of allegiance

This silent, black-and-white clip shows the ceremony at Centennial Park in Sydney where the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed on 1 January 1901. It shows Governor-General John Adrian Louis Hope, seventh Earl of Hopetoun, being greeted by caretaker Prime Minister Edmund Barton and the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, ...


Federal Convention, 1897 - item 1

This is a large black-and-white photograph taken on 29 March 1897 of the 50 delegates (and the clerk of the South Australian Parliaments) who took part in the first session of the Australasian Federal Convention held in Adelaide from 22 March to 23 April. The delegates represent five of the six Australian colonies. The ...


'Federated Australia' drawing, 1900

This is a black-and-white pen-and-ink drawing by H Cotton of the New South Wales politician Sir Henry Parkes holding back a curtain to reveal a woman standing on an outline of Australia. Underneath her are the words: 'FEDERATED AUSTRALIA'. She is holding the 'Federation flag', waving above a rising sun on the horizon. At ...


Portrait of Alfred Deakin, 1886

This is a black-and-white lithographic print of a drawing of Alfred Deakin, at the time a Victorian politician and later Australia's second prime minister. It was published in a supplement of the Daily Telegraph in Sydney on 20 February 1886, with the caption: 'YOUNG AUSTRALIA. VICTORIAN MEN OF THE TIME'. The drawing is ...


Federal Convention, 1897 - item 2

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken inside the chamber of the House of Assembly of the South Australian Parliament, of delegates attending a session of the Australasian Federal Convention. The delegates are assembled on either side of the high-walled chamber. This is one of about 25 photographs, 21 cm x 25 cm or ...


'Federation' dress and sash, 1901

This is a woman's 'Federation' dress and sash, made of painted silk and cotton, worn by Margaret Chisholm to a Federation Ball in 1901. It consists of a a bodice, skirt and sash. The bodice features a Union Jack pattern in silk and the cotton skirt is painted with an early version of the Australian coat of arms and the ...


Margaret Chisholm wearing a Federation dress, 1890-1901

This is a hand-tinted photograph mounted on heavy card showing Margaret Chisholm wearing her Federation dress. The photo was taken at some stage between 1890 and 1901. Her hair is ornamented with a small flag and she carries a riding whip in her right hand. She leans with her left hand against what appears to be a table ...


Map of New South Wales marked with proposed federal capital sites, 1902

This is a map of New South Wales entitled 'Map of New South Wales Shewing Proposed Federal Capital Sites'. Just visible in the lower right corner is a line saying that the map was lithographed and printed in 1902 by the Department of Lands, NSW. The map is made from silk and timber, and is 6.6 cm high and 78.5 cm wide.


City of Melbourne coat of arms medallion from the Eastern Market, 1879

This is a cast-iron medallion of the coat of arms or emblem of the City of Melbourne. This medallion came from the council's Eastern Market, which was opened at the corner of Bourke and Exhibition streets in December 1879. The coat of arms medallion was repeated in the spandrel panels of the cast-iron columns of the market ...


Queen Victoria diamond jubilee medal issued by the Shire of Traralgon, 1897

This is a gilt medal issued by the Shire of Traralgon to celebrate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria. The obverse features busts of a young and old Queen Victoria, and is inscribed: 'QUEEN VICTORIA'S 60TH YEAR OF REIGN / 1837 TO 1897'. The reverse has an image of the Traralgon Shire Hall with the inscription: 'SHIRE ...


Crowd scene at Federation celebrations in Melbourne, May 1901

This is a glass plate negative stereograph depicting crowds in Swanston Street during the Federation celebrations in Melbourne, May 1901. A cable tram is travelling under the Chinese arch in the background.


Pastry Cook's Union float at the Federation celebrations in Melbourne, 1901

This is a glass plate negative stereograph depicting the Pastry Cooks' Union float in the Trades procession, an event in Melbourne's Federation celebrations that ook place on 11 May 1901.


King's Arch constructed for Federation celebrations in Melbourne, 1901

This is a glass plate negative stereograph depicting the King's Arch in Swanston Street, Melbourne, erected for the Federation celebrations in May 1901.


Queen's Arch constructed for Federation celebrations in Melbourne 1901

This is a glass plate negative stereoscope of the Queen's Arch, one of several decorative arches erected in Melbourne for the Federation celebrations in May 1901. It was on the crest of the hill spanning the intersection of Collins and Russell streets.


Royal yacht Ophir, Federation celebrations, 1901

This is a glass plate negative stereograph depicting the royal yacht Ophir anchored in Port Phillp Bay with a longboat in the foreground. The Ophir conveyed the royal visitors, the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York, to the Federation celebrations in Melbourne in May 1901.


Fountain Arch constructed for Melbourne's Federation celebrations, May 1901

This is a glass plate negative stereograph depicting the pedestrian crowd in front of the Fountain Arch at the corner of Flinders and Elizabeth streets in Melbourne.The photograph was taken in May 1901 when Melbourne was celebrating Federation. Beneath the arch is a fairy dell of flowers and ferns and a pond with a fountain ...


Municipal Arch, Federation celebrations, Melbourne 1901

This is a glass plate negative stereograph depicting the Municipal Arch, Princes Bridge, constructed as part of the Federation celebrations in Melbourne, May 1901. In the image a horse and buggy is being driven towards us. This view from the south shows the prow of a galley ship, the Ship of State, in the centre of the ...