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Magic lantern glass slide, Crystal Palace, c1875

This is a glass slide for use in a magic lantern projector. It is a tinted colour photograph of an interior of the Crystal Palace in London, England, and it was made in about 1875.

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Growing plants indoors

How would you create a tropical jungle in the middle of a cold, windy city? How can you grow plants from cold climates in a place with a hot climate? Could you trick a plant into flowering whenever you want it to? Watch this clip to discover how to create suitable conditions for growing plants indoors.

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Sustainable greenhouse

Do you know how a greenhouse works? Sundrop Farm in Port Augusta, South Australia, is a massive greenhouse in the desert run on sustainable energy. What are the benefits of a greenhouse being run in this way?

Interactive Resource

Greenhouse effect in a greenhouse

This is an interactive resource in which students collect real data and relate changes in sunlight to the temperature of air trapped in a container. Students build a miniature 'greenhouse' out of a plastic container and plastic wrap, fill it with different materials and observe the effect this has on temperature. Students ...

Interactive Resource

Greenhouse gases

This is an interactive resource in which students use a simulation to explore how the earth's atmosphere affects the energy balance between incoming and outgoing radiation. Using an interactive model, students adjust realistic parameters such as how many clouds are present or how much carbon dioxide is in the air, and watch ...

Interactive Resource

Greenhouse light and temperature

This is an interactive resource exploring how changes in sunlight relate to the temperature of air trapped in a container. Students make a miniature greenhouse and measure the light levels at different 'times of day' modeled by changing the angle of a lamp. They record and analyse data to explore how a greenhouse works ...