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Interactive Resource

BBC Landscapes: map skills - grid references

This interactive resource engages students in mapping activities that relate to grid references, map scales, map symbols and the four basic compass points. Students are introduced to the concepts via text descriptions and demonstrate their learning by responding to multiple-choice questions. This resource is one of a series ...

Moving Image

Orienteering: using a map and compass

Orienteering requires knowledge of directions, an ability to read a map and the use of a magnetic compass. Find out about the basics of orienteering.

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Rainforest: use a grid map

Use grid references to find places on a map. Follow instructions to find four locations. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words.

Tablet friendly (Interactive resource)

Rainforest: make a walking track

Mark the route for a walking track on a map of a rainforest. Choose a section of track based on instructions about distances, compass directions and grid references. Keep adding sections of track to get to the rest house. As you go, look up the meaning of tricky words.


'Budgerigars in the Sandhills' by Billy Stockman Tjapaltjarri, 1975

This acrylic painting represents the travels of the Budgerigar ancestors during the Dreaming. On their journey, the ancestors stop to camp in sandhill country around Ilpitirri near Mount Denison. The camps are depicted as concentric circles superimposed on a background mosaic of sand dunes, broken by patches of desert plants. ...


'The eight Dreamings', 1991

This is a painting in synthetic polymer paint on canvas made in 1991 by Michael Nelson Tjakamarra (c1946-). Measuring 227 cm x 227 cm, the work is a 'dot style' painting that shows a plan-view map of country with various Dreaming sites marked by symbols. The main motif of the composition is a thick red line with five circles ...


Painting Country, 2000: Maps of country

This clip shows full-screen shots of Aboriginal paintings that are maps of the artists' country or homeland. These paintings trace the land's topography, but also contain personal history, mythology and the Dreaming tracks that crisscross this country. Aboriginal lawman Tjumpo Tjapanangka is shown talking about his land ...


'Wanatjalnga' by Charlie Tjaruru (Tarawa) Tjungurrayi, 1974

This acrylic painting represents a woman called Walinngi who travelled alone during the Dreaming towards the Gordon Hills in Western Australia. In the claypan and hill country near Wanatjalnga she tracked a small bird to its nest, a hole in the ground, into which it disappeared. Walinngi made a wana (digging stick), cutting ...


'Honey ant hunt' by Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri, 1975

This acrylic painting depicts the three hills at Papunya that form an important Dreaming site, representing the body of a huge ancestral honey ant. They also indicate where ancestral honey ants returned to the ground after travelling during the Dreaming. The underground network of ant chambers is regarded as a tula (meeting ...


'Tingarri Dreaming at Nariboruka' (Naripuruka) by George (Dr George) Tjapaltjarri, 1977

This acrylic painting represents Naripuruka, a cluster of rock holes deep in the sandhill country of the Pintupi people. A large group of Tingarri Men gathered there for secret ceremonies. In the narrative associated with this place the key ancestor is Luurnpa (the Old Kingfisher Man). The painting by George (Dr George) ...

Teacher resource

Using and adapting resources

Here, the graduate teacher reflects on her use and adaptation of a professional learning resource for teaching a grid reference system in mathematics, when preparing for, and reflecting on her teaching of students at St Aloysius' School. She outlines those aspects of the resource she finds particularly beneficial. These ...

Mobile app

Taronga Zoo - Rainforest heroes: iPad app

This iPad app provides an experience of Taronga Zoo's stunning Wild Asia rainforest trail. Guided by volunteer researcher Heidi Greentree and a GPS map, students create a PDF field report using the photographs they have taken, observations made and information collected. This can be emailed for further research and discussion ...

Teacher resource

Finding Farms

This is a teacher resource containing a series of inquiry teaching sequences about life on farms in Australia. It contains material to assist the planning, implementing and assessing a study of five primary industry sectors involved in food and fibre production. The tasks in this resource are based around illustrated maps ...